Featured Review: Sok-O toys: Where individuality is cherished


I remember as a child watching with awe the first time I saw my mom turn a sock into a puppet. It became a rainy day ritual for my older sister and I, when we could think of nothing else to do, to present our mom with a sock, some buttons and yarn — and then sit back to watch her work her magic. Having a toy that was handmade just for me felt like a total luxury, even if it consisted almost entirely of a sock. My own two little boys haven’t enjoyed that feeling very much or very often for I’m not nearly as handy with a needle and thread as my own mother was. But thanks to Sok-O I don’t need to be!

A group of three Los Angeles-based designers and one designer located in Taiwan, Sok-O makes fun and funky dolls that are sure to shake up your child’s collection of stuffed animals in a big, bold way.

A huge hit at the recent Boom Boom Room gifting suite, celebrity parents like Kim Porter (pictured left, with twin daughters D’Lila Star and Jessie James, 13-months) Ming Na, Denise Richards and Scott Baio snatched up these adorable dolls made with a pair of socks or, in some cases, one individual sock. Because they are handmade, no two are identical, and each comes complete with its own birth certificate!

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