Featured Review: My Blankee - Stylishly repurpose that infant car seat & more

Baby Allegra is using a lot of her older brother’s hand-me downs. Which I am fine with (and she doesn’t care anyway). But when it came to using something like her brother’s infant car seat, I wanted to girlify it up a bit. Rather than buy a new one, we are using an adorable Infant Car Seat Cover from My Blankee($99), with a hood. I picked the Watermelon Retro Dot Velour — a snuggly white velour with brown, pink and celery green polka dots, it’s pictured to the left, (with a JJ Cole Bundle Meon top of it.)

Constance Zimmer, Tori Spelling, Cynthia Daniel, Gwen Stefani and Angelina Jolie are all fans of this company’s products.

Please note that aftermarket carseat products are not recommended by the manufacturers and may void your warranty. Use them at your own risk.

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