Featured Review: phil&teds Sport Stroller - 4 ways to ride!

How many strollers can you configure 4 ways? The beauty of the phil&teds Four in One Sport Stroller ($489.00 with doubles kit), is that it can take you from transporting one child, to two children, and then back to one child again — just by changing the configuration.

There are 4 ways to set it up (newborn mode, toddler mode, toddler/baby and toddler/toddler mode). So, it literally grows with your family, and is a great alternative to a side-by-side double stroller. This sporty, inline stroller is so popular in urban areas, such as NYC, because it can function as a tandem double stroller. We tested the Sport in the winter time, when baby Allegra was a newborn. The footprint seems wide for a single stroller (24") — but since it can be used a double stroller…

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