Favorite Celebrity Pregnancies: New Mom #5

We have begun the countdown of the Favorite Celebrities who gave birth in 2007!

It seems like Hollywood babies are born everyday, and although they are all very special to their parents, only a few are born into instant celebrity. While they are pregnant, their every move and action is watched closely over by the public. For this reason, we bring you the top #10 women who gave birth to their highly-anticipated babies in 2007.

We asked Celebrity Baby Blog Readers to nominate their favorites and then had you vote — over 2,500 of you responded! Over the next 10 days, we will present you with these 10 new moms.

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Your #5 woman for the Top Ten Favorite Celebrities who gave birth in 2007 is Marcia Cross.

Immediately after her marriage to Tom Mahoney, actress Marcia Cross, attempted to conceive a child rather than taking a honeymoon. Rumors circulated as to whether they used IVF and/or donor eggs — soon enough Marcia was honest about the way in which she fell pregnant. In September they announced the pregnancy. By October Marcia had announced that they were expecting fraternal twins. Then 10 weeks before her due date Marcia was placed on immediate bed rest. On February 1st this year Marcia and Tom welcomed Eden and Savannah Mahoney, 6 weeks before their due date. Throughout the year we have seen Marcia out with her twins at the park and shopping. While we doubt we will see Marcia pregnant again, we continue to enjoy the frequent sightings of her out with her very much desired daughters.

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