Fat Tie Tees: Sure Beats That Printed Tuxedo Tee!

If you’re faced with forcing a little boy into a stiff suit for a wedding or special occasion, here’s an ingenius solution: Fat Tie’s clever tee shirts for boys ($38).

A wide, striped, mesh necktie is sewn onto the front of each shirt so boys who are reluctant to dress up can go straight from the playground to a formal affair. The long-sleeved tees are made from super soft, preshrunk organic cotton and my 3-year-old son, Finn, says they’re so comfy. When my two boys showed up for Christmas dinner dressed up in their tie shirts, they made the grandmas swoon!

They come in three styles named Rusty (chocolate with orange stripes), Scooter (blue with brown and gold) and Rudy (white with red and green). Elvis Costello and Jack Black are fans and we can totally picture the smallest members of a wedding party decked out in Fat Tie tees.


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