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Save on Fidget Toys, Brainteasers, and Games for the Whole Family During Fat Brain Toys' 19th Anniversary Sale

Get 19 percent off quirky, educational toys that will keep kids busy and active all winter long
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We all want to give kids toys that are so much fun, they play with them for hours, and maybe even think fondly of us when they do. When those very fun toys also happen to teach kids, keep them active, and direct their energy in a positive direction? That is so much more rewarding for everyone. For 19 years, Fat Brain Toys has been making and selling toys that do all of the above, and to celebrate the company's success, it's offering a promo code for 19 percent off anything from its collection of clever, educational, and quirky toys, just in time for the holidays.

If you don't already turn to Fat Brain Toys for your kids' birthday and holiday shopping needs, this is an excellent time to get to know it. Just use the code JK-9896 at checkout to get those savings off a single item from now through October 30 at 11:50 p.m. CT. (This promo can't be combined with any other offer and it excludes Lego products.) 

The Nebraska-based company makes toys like Dimpl — the colorful popping toy initially made for babies and toddlers that has now caught on with older kids. This fidget toy is so satisfying, Andy Cohen's Instagram videos of his son Ben playing with it last year garnered more than 700,000 views. Fat Brain also makes open-ended suction-cup building toys Squigz, the Teeter Popper that encourages balance and gross-motor-skills development, and Door Pong, a table-less ping-pong game that will probably save many a home's fragile items. 

In addition to products from its own brand, the Fat Brain Toys site is an excellent place to score all kinds of gifts for your kids, as well as games the whole family will love playing together. That includes classic toy names like Lego and Scrabble, as well as lesser-known and innovative toys. This is where you can find miniature basketball arcade games, a cozy swing for little bookworms, a kit for young would-be dog trainers, and a silly game that requires players to draw with a pencil attached to their nose.

We love how it helps people find age-appropriate toys with a bar graph that aggregates customer-review data to show which ages of kids are actually playing with each particular product. And if your kid's birthday is coming up soon, you can also sign up for the Birthday Concierge, which sends a list of recommended toys for their age and interests a month ahead of the big day.  

As other online toy stores have done, Fat Brain Toys also curated a holiday gift guide for 2021, which allows you to shop by age, special categories (science and nature, wooden toys, etc.), and price range. We also encourage you to browse through the entire site, because you never know what delightful, quirky toys you'll encounter next. Below are just some of our favorites. Just don't forget to use the code JK-9896 before the deal ends on October 30. 

Fidget Toys and More for Active Brains and Bodies

girl jumping in grass
Credit: Fat Brain Toys

Buy It! 2-in-1 Musical Jump 'n Toss, $21.02 with code JK-9896 (orig. $25.95); 

We already know what a hit every kind of popping toy has been and will continue to be this year, as kids of all ages have discovered the tactile pleasure of pushing Dimpls. They can also get their fidgets out by rocking (sitting or standing) on a Teeter Popper, hopping over a rotating musical pole, swinging in a cozy Sky Nook, jumping, or hitting a Door Pong ball on a string.

Music, Art, and Building Toys

kids board game
Credit: Fat Brain Toys

Buy It! Jixelz Creator, $32.36 with code JK-9896 (orig. $39.95); 

Encourage children to explore music-making with this working ukulele designed for little hands (and that stays in tune), sculpture with colorful modeling clay that comes with helpful 3D instructions, and architecture and engineering with suction-cup Squigz. And for the older kids, puzzle-solving meets screen-free graphic design with Jixelz kits. They don't have to go directly into these professions anytime soon, but it sure would be cool if they did, and you could point to the toys that started it all.

Science, Brainteasers and Animal Training

children holding crystal hedgehogs
Credit: Fat Brain Toys

Buy It! Crystal Growing Hedgehog, $12.11 with code JK-9896 (orig. $14.95); 

How is it that nature can create something as cute as a hedgehog and as strangely beautiful as a crystal? Leave it to toymakers to combine both in one kit. And while some kids will love to get hands-on with their educational play, using a Disgusting Science Kit, others prefer to exercise their brain with quiet puzzles and brainteasers like the Crankity gear set or Ivan's Hinge. They can also get to work training someone else's brain, by which we mean the family dog, with a very cute kit that shows kids how to train their dogs and reward them with handmade toys and homemade treats.

Games for Kids and the Whole Family

kid playing board game
Credit: Fat Brain Toys

Buy It! Pencil Nose, $20.21 with code JK-9896 (orig. $24.95); 

Prepare yourself for some silliness. Ladybugs Garden Memory Game is a best-selling early matching game for preschoolers. The electronic arcade claw machine and basketball game will save you and your kids a lot of wasted quarters by keeping the competition at home. Pencil Nose is a Pictionary-style game with the added difficulty of using your face to do the drawing. GibGab is a fast-paced one-on-one game in which you and your opponent try to call out items in a given category, racing against each other and a machine.

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