Fast & Feisty: The second CD from Princess Katie and Racer Steve

The first time I heard a Princess Katie and Racer Steve CD (Songs for the Coolest Kids) I was pleasantly surprised. It’s hard these days to find music that’s the perfect mix of silly, positive and well, not annoying for mom and dad. Songs for the Coolest Kids definitely managed all that and quickly became a regular cd for our car rides as well as our daily before-bath dance parties! We even got to see Princess Katie and Racer Steve in concert and have a cool picture with Princess Katie herself. In other words, we’re big fans. So we were obviously anticipating the new CD, Fast & Feisty, and were thrilled to finally receive it in the mail.

I am happy to say that Fast & Feisty does NOT disappoint. We have been rockin’ out to this CD for the past week now and it, too, has gone into the car CD player (as well as onto my iPod). With great new songs that send the same kind of positive messages that the first CD did, Fast & Feisty is sure to appeal to parents and kids alike. The song We Dress Ourselves became a quick favorite for us.

To sample some music and purchase, check out Princess Katie and Racer Steve‘s site,

If you are in the New York Area: The Fast & Feisty cd pre-release concert is on Saturday, January 12th at the Helen Mills Theatre (139 West 26th Street). Check the website to pre-order your tickets!

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