Farm Baby Nursery Spray: Freshen Up That Nursery!

Farm Baby Nursery Spray ($5.95 for 9 oz, $8.95 for 16.9 oz ) from Sweet Grass Farms makes your nursery smell a little fresher — which is always a good thing! Spritz a little on your baby’s sheets, blankets, upholstery or anywhere you find necessary. It contains natural lavender essential oils, which neutralize odors and are naturally anti-bacterial. Lavender also helps your little one settle down for naps or bedtime, due to its natural relaxation properties. Plus, the spray contains no harsh chemicals or alcohol.

We found that this product really helped to freshen up my daughter’s room after a midnight bout of the stomach flu. After one spray (it’s strong) and 20 minutes of airing out the room, the room was as good as new. So, we’re fans.


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