A Guide to All of Hollywood's Celebrity Godparents

Find out which stars have famous godchildren

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Dakota Johnson & Jeremy Allen White's Kids

Jeremy Allen White, Dakota Johnson
Addison Timlin White/Instagram; Vera Anderson/WireImage

According to a July 2022 chat with The Bear's head chef on VanityFair.com, Johnson is godmother to both of his children with wife Addison Timlin, daughters Ezer and Dolores.

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Bryan Cranston & Aaron Paul's Son

Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston
Bobby Metelus/Getty Images

Announcing the arrival of his second child, a baby boy, in April 2022, Paul also shared some extra-sweet news: his longtime friend and Breaking Bad costar, Cranston, was the baby's godfather.

"I asked Bryan on his birthday if he would be our baby's godfather," Paul shared, before teasing that Cranston initially turned down the offer.

"No, he's very excited, very honored," Paul continued. "I love the man to death. He's one of my best friends in the world, and, so yeah, it was just a no-brainer."

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Vin Diesel & Meadow Walker

Meadow Walker, Vin Diesel
Meadow Walker and Vin Diesel with his daughter Similce. Meadow Walker/Instagram

The Fast and Furious star is godfather to his late costar Paul Walker's daughter adult Meadow (left).

Diesel was on hand to walk Meadow down the aisle at her Dominican Republic wedding to fiancé Louis Thornton-Allan in early October 2021. He wore a powder blue suit for the beachside nuptials, which the new bride documented on Instagram.

Speaking about his love for Meadow in the past, Diesel said, "I feel very protective. It goes beyond the movie."

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Elizabeth Taylor & Paris Jackson

Paris Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor
Amy Sussman/Getty. Inset: Silver Screen Collection/Getty

The starlet recalled fond memories of her super-famous godmother at the 2021 Elizabeth Taylor Ball to End AIDS in Los Angeles. "We'd always give each other little gifts. Every time I knew I was going to go see her, I'd find something around in my room, like a bracelet or a stuffed animal or something, and I would bring it to her," Jackson told PEOPLE. "Any time [she and my dad] were together, it was fun and it was joy."

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Macaulay Culkin & Paris Jackson

Paris Jackson/Instagram

A longtime friend of the King of Pop, Culkin was named godfather of Michael Jackson's middle child, Paris. Since the singer's death, Culkin and his goddaughter have spent lots of time together, documenting their get-togethers on social media. They even have matching tattoos!

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Jennifer Aniston & Coco Cox Arquette

Jennifer Aniston Instagram
Jennifer Aniston Instagram

Friends 'til the end! The close bond between Aniston and Cox grew even deeper when Cox named her former costar godmother to daughter Coco Arquette.

"Jennifer has the biggest heart," Cox told PEOPLE, "and there could be no better godmother."

Aniston proved it when she wished her goddaughter a happy 17th birthday on social media, sharing a series of cute throwback photos, which included one with the caption "Happy birthday my sweet Cocolicious! Godmama LOVES you!"

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Mariska Hargitay & Sophia Meloni

Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni
Gregory Pace/FilmMagic

Hargitay and her Law & Order: SVU costar Chris Meloni are way more than real life BFFs — they're practically family. When Meloni and wife Sherman Williams welcomed daughter Sophia in 2001, they tapped Hargitay to be godmother.

"The birth of his first child and being privy to his amazing, solid relationship with his wife, before I had that for myself — I think that Chris and Sherman played a really big role for me, to see this really stable couple that loved each other," Hargitay told PEOPLE of the example they set for her.

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Tim McGraw & Rhodes Hedlund

Tim McGraw, Garrett Hedlund, Emma Roberts
Cindy Ord/Getty; John Shearer/Getty; Frazer Harrison/Getty

Garrett Hedlund told Kelly Clarkson that he and Emma Roberts chose McGraw as the godfather to their new son Rhodes Robert in part because of Hedlund's work with the country star in 2004's Friday Night Lights and 2010's Country Strong.

"He's somebody that I admire and respect, not only as an amazing father and an amazing husband, amazing musician and amazing actor," he said. "I've known him for a long time."

"We laugh about it because it's probably been over 17 years since we did Friday Night Lights together, we played father and son. So I got to first experience him as a father — in that film, somewhat more of an abusive one — but then we did Country Strong together, and we've remained such close friends and, you know, I've seen his children, his daughters, from the time they were 1, 3 and 5," Hedlund added.

"He's the best," Hedlund continued, adding, "After around 12 weeks of Emma being pregnant, I called him, and the first thing he said was, 'I'm the godfather.' So, how can you argue?"

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Norman Lear & Katey Sagal

Katey Segal, Norman Lear
Jon Kopaloff/Getty; Michael Kovac/Getty

"She's extraordinary," Lear said during a 2018 podcast chat with Sagal, who revealed that the legendary producer introduced her parents. "I've known you since I was born," Sagal added, calling Lear "kind of the reason I'm here."

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Steven Spielberg & Drew Barrymore & Gwyneth Paltrow

Drew Barrymore, Steven Spielberg, & Gwyneth Paltrow
Steve Granitz/WireImage

Two stars share more than A-list status: Barrymore and Paltrow both have Spielberg in common as a godfather. Gwyneth's parents Bruce Paltrow and Blythe Danner selected the director at birth to be godfather to their baby girl, while Spielberg assumed the mantle for Barrymore (whom he directed in E.T.) in her teens.

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Jacqueline Bissett & Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie and Jacqueline Bisset
Splash News Online

Bisset was named Jolie's godmother thanks to her strong connection to Marcheline Bertrand, Jolie's late mom. Bertrand died of ovarian cancer in 2007 at age 56.

"[Jacqueline] is very important to [Angelina]," a source told PEOPLE of the pair's bond following a July 2019 trip to Paris. "They're very close, and Jacqueline is someone Angelina has admired for a long time. And of course, there is the connection to her mom."

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B.J. Novak & Mindy Kaling's Daughter

2019 Vanity Fair Oscar Party Hosted By Radhika Jones - Dinner
Emma McIntyre /VF19/WireImage

From costars to even more: Kaling revealed former Office star Novak's important role in her life with daughter Katherine in May 2019.

"The truth is that B.J. is so much more like family now than a platonic friend. He's the godfather to my daughter," Kaling told Good Housekeeping.

"He comes over like once a week. Sometimes he'll come over just to hang out with her," the Late Night star added.

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Molly Bernard & Hilary Duff's Daughter

Hilary Duff, Sutton Foster and Molly Bernard at the "Younger" set in Union Square.
Splash News Online

The Younger star doesn't just work with Duff — she's godmother to the actress' young daughter Banks Violet, too.

"After [Banks] was born, I was like, 'Oh, does she have a godmother?' And Hil was like," she told PEOPLE, pointing at herself.

Bernard frequently posts photos of herself hanging with Banks and Duff's other child, son Luca Cruz, and was one of the first to congratulate Duff on her engagement to boyfriend Matthew Koma.

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Meryl Streep & Billie Lourd

Meryl Streep, Billie Lourd

During a May 2019 visit to Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen asked Lourd (whose mom is the late Carrie Fisher) about the best part of having Streep as her godmother. And Lourd had the perfect response: "I mean, she's Meryl Streep!"

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Marisa Tomei & Zoë Kravitz

zoe kravitz and Marisa Tomei
Fred Hayes/WireImage

If you've got the two coolest parents in the world (as Zoë does in Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet), it stands to reason your godmother will be pretty awesome, too. Zoë was interviewed by her "godmama" for an InStyle cover story, in which the two dished about their matching tattoos and long history together.

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Eva Longoria & David & Victoria Beckham's Children

Victoria Beckham/Instagram
Victoria Beckham/Instagram

Eva Longoria joined Victoria and David Beckham pals Ken Paves and Marc Anthony as godparents when their children Cruz and Harper (pictured) got baptized. As the first girl in the Beckham clan, Harper's milestones are cause for celebration in the family — and for doting godmother Longoria. "I was in L.A. [when Harper took her first steps]," Longoria told PEOPLE.

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Elton John & David & Victoria Beckham's Children

Sir Elton John, Cruz Beckham, Romeo Beckham
Dave Benett/Getty

Another proud godparent to the Beckham clan: Sir Elton, who has that role for the Beckhams' oldest two sons, Romeo (far right) and Brooklyn (not pictured). He continues to enjoy the role — check out the over-the-top cake he sent for Romeo's 16th birthday.

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Ted Danson & Mary Steenburgen & Laura Dern's Son

In a 2017 Instagram post, Steenburgen casually dropped that she and her husband, Danson, are godparents to Dern's son Ellery (with ex Ben Harper).

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Cicely Tyson & Lenny Kravitz

Cicely Tyson (L) and musician Lenny Kravitz
Kevin Mazur/Getty

Days before the pioneering actress passed away, her godson paid tribute to her on her 96th birthday. "Happy Birthday to my dearest Godmother, Cicely Tyson," he wrote. "All I can do is thank God that we have been on this planet at the same time, and I have been so blessed to receive your love. The best is yet to come. I love you."

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Dolly Parton & Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus, Dolly Parton
Dolly Parton and Miley Cyrus. Emma McIntyre/Getty

When times are tough, Miley Cyrus can count on her country-legend godmother to have her back. "I've loved her through the years and watched her grow up, and I've seen how smart she is and how talented she is," Parton told the London Evening Standard. "If she needs my opinion on something I will surely give it [but] I would never dream of calling her and saying, 'Well why are you doing this?' or, 'You shouldn't do this or that…' She's just trying to find her own place and wings and learn to fly."

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Joan Collins & Cara Delevingne

Joan Collins and Cara Delevigne
Kevin Tachman/MG19/Getty

The Dame is longtime friends with the model's parents, Pandora and Charles, and they frequently cross paths at fancy fashion events. But the Dynasty star knew her when: "Cara was an amazing child. Her favorite expression was 'mine'. That's the youngest of three: 'Mine, mine' ... [She] loved dancing to the Spice Girls, showing off the nicest routines."

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Dakota Johnson & Addison Timlin's Daughter

Addison Timlin/Instagram

Johnson played along with her pregnant pal, Addison Timlin, and then eventually became godmother to Timlin's first child with Jeremy Allen White of Shameless.

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Kim Kardashian & Khloé Kardashian's Daughter

Kim Kardsahian/Instagram

Khloé Kardashian's decision to make sister Kim godmother and guardian of daughter True caused a bit of a rift with big sister Kourtney.

But "watching Kimberly be a mom, I really respect her parenting skills — not that I don't respect Kourtney's, I relate to how Kim parents more," Khloé said on a September 2018 episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. "But at the end of the day, this family is so close and we love each other so much and if anything, God forbid, were to happen, I know my daughter is in the best of hands no matter who her legal guardian is."

"I feel like Kim has been so selfless during my pregnancy," added Khloé. "She's trying to just help make sure that you feel your best, look your best, have the best. She's so secure in her life that I feel like she would be an incredible godparent. She's just been a great friend and sister."

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Quincy Jones & Nicole Richie

Jones and Nicole Richie
Kevin Mazur/WireImage

The legendary producer, a longtime pal of Nicole's dad Lionel Richie, serves as her godfather. (She has another godfather as well: the late Michael Jackson.)

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Henry Winkler & Bryce Dallas Howard

Henry Winkler and Bryce Dallas Howard
Andrew Toth/Getty

The God-Fonz-er? Bryce's dad Ron Howard stayed close with his Happy Days costar well after the sitcom wrapped, and named him godfather to his daughter Bryce, now an actress herself.

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Victor Garber & Jennifer Garner's Daughter

Victor Garber and Jennifer Garner
Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic

Close pals since their days on Alias, they're now practically family: Garber is godfather to Garner's eldest, Violet.

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Zach Braff & Donald Faison's Children

Zach Braff/ Instagram

Braff is godfather to friend and former Scrubs costar Donald Faison's two kids with wife CaCee Cobb. "Thank you to @caceecobb for growing this for @donald_aison and I. #GodfatherII," Braff joked following the April 2015 birth of the couple's youngest, daughter Wilder. In July 2017, the proud godparent shared a video of Wilder and brother Rocco giving him an adorable message.

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Jessica Simpson & Donald Faison's Daughter

Courtesy Jessica Simpson

Wilder has a famous godmother, too. "Madly in love with my Goddaughter Wilder Frances Faison!!! I am beyond proud of @caceecobb and @donald_aison," Simpson wrote shortly after her best friend Cobb welcomed her second child with husband Faison.

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Cacee Cobb & Jessica Simpson's Daughter

John Shearer/WireImage; Inset: Courtesy Jessica Simpson

And it continues: for godmother to daughter Maxwell, Simpson turned to none other than best friend Cobb.

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Lady Gaga & Elton John's Sons

Lady Gaga
Leon Bennett/Getty

Elton John had a solid reason for choosing Gaga as godmother for his two sons with David Furnish, Zachary and Elijah. "She's a great role model," John told Extra. "She's been a great godmother to Zachary. She came to bathe him in Las Vegas. She was already dressed to go to the show, and she was sitting there and she bathed him, and she was like dressed like Audrey Hepburn… and she fed him… We're all bonkers in this business, but we're human beings at the same time."

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Cameron Diaz & Drew Barrymore's Daughter

Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz
Tommaso Boddi/WireImage

Charlie's Angels stick together — so it's no surprise Drew picked Cameron to be godmother to her younger daughter, Frankie.

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Kathie Lee Gifford & Kendall & Kylie Jenner

Evening By Sherri Hill Spring 2012 Collection
Thomas Concordia/WireImage

A longtime friend of KarJenner matriarch Kris Jenner, Today host Gifford is godmother to the youngest members of the fam, Kendall (far left) and Kylie (not pictured).

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Nick Jonas & Kevin Jonas' Daughter

Nick Jonas/Snapchat

The singer announced his role in niece Valentina's life with a sweet Snapchat photo. "My beautiful niece on her dedication day. With my sister in law's sister Katie. We are honored to be the god parents," he wrote. Valentina is the daughter of Jonas's brother Kevin and wife Danielle.

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David Beckham & Liv Tyler's Son

Courtesy Liv Tyler

Little Sailor may have officially hit the godfather jackpot: Liv Tyler took to Instagram to show off an adorable lunch meeting between her then-7-month-old son, proud papa David Gardner and Beckham, Sailor's "God daddy" (awww).

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Taylor Swift & Jaime King's Son James

Courtesy Taylor Swift

Swift officially met her godson, Leo Thames, in 2016. The youngster is BFF Jaime King's second son with Kyle Newman.

Choosing Swift as a godmother was an easy decision, King shared. "It was because of her morals and her values, the way that she treats people and how hard-working she is," said the Hart of Dixie actress. "That's the kind of person I want to be the guide and the spiritual protector of my child."

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Jessica Alba & Jaime King's Son

Courtesy Jaime King

Swift isn't the only celeb who'll play an important role in the lives of King's children. The actress revealed in a 2013 Instagram post that good friend Jessica Alba is the "Nina (Godmother)" of son James Knight. "Thank you Jess for your unending love and light – we are so grateful for you," King wrote. James also did pretty well in the godfather department: Topher Grace was asked to do the honors.

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Khloé Kardashian & Kim Kardashian's Daughter

Courtesy Khloe Kardashian

Joining Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and little North on a spring 2015 trip to Armenia ended up with its perks: as the family headed home to Los Angeles, they detoured to Jerusalem to baptize North, naming Khloé, who'd joined them on the voyage, as godmother. "It was epic," a source told PEOPLE of the event, which happened in the city's Armenian quarter. "So beautiful."

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Blake Lively's Daughter's 'Fairy Godmothers'

Michael Loccisano/FilmMagic

Though Tamblyn told PEOPLE that the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants crew would be Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds's daughter James's godmothers, Lively set the record straight, announcing that her sister Robyn was picking up the official duties. However, her costars also have a special role in the little one's life as "fairy godmothers," Lively told E!

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Busy Philipps & Jake Gyllenhaal & Michelle Williams' Daughter

Jeff Vespa/WireImage; Getty; Sipa

Talk about lucky! Michelle Williams' daughter Matilda has not one, but two celebrity godparents: Philipps (Williams' buddy from their Dawson's Creek days), and Gyllenhaal, who starred in Brokeback Mountain with Williams and Heath Ledger, Matilda's late father.

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Chris Martin & Simon Pegg (to Each Other's Kids)

Dave Hogan/Getty

The Coldplay frontman and actor go way back, which is why the trusted friends are godfathers to each other's children — Pegg to Apple, Martin's daughter with ex Gwyneth Paltrow, and Martin to Pegg's daughter Matilda. "[Chris] sang a song for [Matilda] in Berlin when she was born," Pegg shared. "He dedicated one of the songs, and I was really chuffed about it."

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Sting & Trudy Styler & Madonna's Son

Kevin Mazur/WireImage

From matchmakers to godparents! Sting and Trudie Styler introduced Madonna to former husband Guy Ritchie, so it's only fitting the couple chose them to be the spiritual guides to their now teenage son Rocco.

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Jenni Farley & Nicole Polizzi's Son


Two peas in a pod since Jersey Shore, Snooki's (a.k.a. Nicole Polizzi) first choice for son Lorenzo was a no-brainer: Farley, of course. At the baby's March 2013 baptism, Farley took her duties seriously. "My precious godbaby," she wrote on Instagram, sharing a photo of a party favor.

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Jamie Lee Curtis & Jake Gyllenhaal

Pacific Coast News

Showbiz is in Jake Gyllenhaal's blood (Mom's a screenwriter, Dad's a director and sis Maggie is a fellow actor), so naturally his godmother — and shopping buddy — is Hollywood legend Curtis.

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Sia & Maddie Ziegler

The 57th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Red Carpet
Larry Busacca/Getty

The songstress is much more than a mentor to teen muse and collaborator Maddie Ziegler. "She is the best person in my life, she really is. She's my godmom now," the Dance Moms alumna revealed on The Tonight Show of Sia, who casts her in numerous music videos and live performances. "So if anything were to happen, she would take me, which is really cool. The day we met, we clicked, and we knew that it was a special connection … she's taught me so many life lessons and I'll never forget that."

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