Family fashion with Nina and Tom

nina and tom family fashion is known for their one-of-a-kindonesies, lap tees, and t-shirts that are designed for the whole family. This solely operated business of husband and wife, who design and screen print their tees themselves, offers aline of educationally fun shirts that send out positive messages.

We received the Love & Peace tee, and after many wears to places like school, playgroup, the beach and park, and even a camping trip, this durable tee has washed clean every time. It’s unique style has left many moms asking where it came from, and I’ve been happy to spread the word.

nina and tom‘s Onesie- a -Month Club is a great gift for a baby shower or even a . You can chose to have a onesie sent monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly, and each onesie is gift wrapped, and has free shipping. When signing up for the Onesie- a -Month Club, you insert the recipients name and contact information, and nina and tom periodically check up on the little one to see how he/she is growing. Along with the first onesie, recipients receive a certificate for membership into the club. Celebrity babies Moses Martin and Kingston Rossdale have both been gifted with the Onesie- a -Month Club. Moses has received a Blobzilla and Sweet Pea onesie, and sister Apple Martin has received a City Girl tee exclusively sold at a New York Tribeca store. Kingston Rossdale has received a Der Poopinator onesie, and a Love & Peace onesie in black.

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