April 24, 2009 10:00 AM

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For those women who deal with bad hair days on a daily basis, you’re not alone, says country star Faith Hill. Gracing the cover of May’s issue of Redbook magazine, Faith reveals that with a mop of curly hair, she knows all too well what dealing with stubborn locks entails! However, a mother of three girls — one soon entering into her teenage years — Faith, along with her husband Tim McGraw, wishes to instill in their daughters the definition of true beauty.

“We have tried to lay the foundation for the girls to have a sense of self-worth that goes way beyond anything that’s not real or achievable. As a family, we always talk about being healthy and how beauty comes in many different shapes and sizes.”

In addition to gaining a “quiet confidence” after hitting 40, Faith admits that, for her, the process of aging has many more positives that outweigh any of the downfalls. Fortunately for Faith, her newly noticed wrinkles are not so new as she once thought! “I look back at old school pictures from grade school, and I had lines on my neck,” she laughs. “Audrey [Caroline], our 7-year-old, and Maggie [Elizabeth], our 10-year-old, have lines on their necks. They’re cute at 7 and 10, not quite so cute at 41!”

That said, Faith admits that she is most comfortable at home, sans make-up and “squeaky-clean,” simply relaxing with Tim and their girls. The confidence to do so, she says, is a result of becoming a mother. “After I had my three daughters, I felt I could accomplish absolutely anything I wanted to in my life,” she explains.

“There is a strength that comes with giving birth to children. As they’re getting older, their needs are so evident on a daily basis, but also their need for independence. Watching each of them establish their independence and seeing them put it to good use gives me strength and confidence.”

Tim and Faith are also parents to Gracie Katherine, 12 next month.

Source: Redbook

— Anya

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