By peoplestaff225
Updated October 17, 2005 01:39 AM

Former Savage Garden star Daniel Jones has married his sweetheart Kathleen De Leon in a private low-key ceremony at the Avica Resort on Australia’s Gold Coast. Kathleen is a member of the children’s singing group Hi-5 and the two met at Australia’s record industry awards more than five years ago. Kathleen compares her love for Daniel to that of Tom Cruise’s enthusiasm for Katie Holmes, "We’re so excited to be getting married … I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect man. I look at Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes and go ‘that’s just how I feel’, but I just don’t put it out there [in public] like they do." Daniel also talks about his new wife with love, "She’s just a beautiful little person, we’re very happy." To find out more about Hi-5 in America, they have a dedicated site.