Each and every time professional wrestler Rey Mysterio enters the ring, he’s looking to make a connection with someone outside of it — and more often than not that someone is a child. “I was a big fan, and I still am of [wrestler] Bret Hart,” he tells the Miami Herald. “Every time Bret Hart would come out and give his glasses to a kid sitting in the front row, I thought that was really cool…I would think, ‘What if that was my son sitting in the front row, and Bret Hart put his glasses on my son?'”

That’s why Rey, 34, gives a young fan one of his masks after each and every match. “Just that emotion, that adrenaline, that connection between that wrestler and that person just brings it to another level.” As a soon-to-be dad of three, Rey understands the importance of that connection first-hand.

Taking the time for a handshake or to give an airport can make “the biggest difference in the world” to a child, he notes. Rey and his wife Angelica are parents to Dominik and Aalyah.

The due date of baby-on-the-way was not provided.

Source: Miami Herald