Moxie CrimeFighter Jillette, daughter of entertainer Penn Jillette of Penn & Teller, celebrated her fourth birthday in true princess style at the family’s Las Vegas home on June 7th. Surrounded by friends decked out in “royal attire” and other loved ones, Princess Moxie was surprised by a visit from “a real Cinderella” — one who had played the role at Walt Disney World — who entertained her guests with a reading of the Cinderella story, gave out tiaras, painted faces and led the kids in a treasure hunt and royal dancing in addition to a fashion show complete with a red carpet.


Moxie’s mother Emily tells Celebrity Baby Blog, “we talked about [the theme] for weeks… it was between a repeat of Nemo and Cinderella. I was pushing for Nemo because Penn is against princesses. He says a lot of people died to get away from royalty in power and we shouldn’t celebrate them. But in the end, Moxie won.”

Moxie’s little brother Zolten Penn — who celebrated a recent birthday himself, turning three on May 22nd — attended the party as well and took part on his own terms! Although the preschooler was happy to blow out a Z spelled out in candles on the cupcake cake, he refused to dress in a prince costume, telling Emily, “that’s not a fun thing to do, Mommy.”

Moxie’s favorite gift by far was a pink nightgown with a picture of Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty on the front that she has worn every night since the party. “I’ve had some pretty fantastic parties for the kids every year, but this is the first one that Moxie was really involved in the theme and decorations,” Emily notes. “I think it will be the first one she really remembers. ”

— Danielle

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