Evie Bentley Has Her Own Guard Dog

Dierks Bentley doesn’t have to worry about strangers going near his and wife Cassidy‘s 4-month-old daughter Evalyn ‘Evie’ Day thanks to the protectiveness of one of the family dogs — Jake. The country singer shares that “Jake is so protective. We’ll have friends come over to the house, and they’ll take a step towards Evie, and he’ll just reach up and bite ‘em in the hand. If they try to step closer, he’ll kinda shadow box ‘em. There’s no getting close to Evie when a stranger’s around.”

However, the family’s other dog, George, isn’t too worried about Evie. “‘If you can’t pet me, if you can’t feed me, if you can’t take me for a walk, you don’t even exist.’ That’s the way he rolls,” jokes Dierks. No matter how different the two dogs are, Dierks believes that “the five of us now are kinda like a pack of wolves — Jake really believes that.”

“I’ll be havin’ a conversation with my wife about something and, ‘Let’s go upstairs and check on Evie.’ And here comes Jake, right along with us, you know? He’s right there … I look over and he’s sittin’ right next to Cassidy, like straight in a line with us. He really thinks it’s like, ‘Hey guys, I’m here too. It’s my job.'”

Dierks’ new album, Feel That Fire, is available now.

Source: Country Weekly

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