Even more happy CBB winners... who blog

You know how we’re always giving away stuff? Do you ever wonder if we REALLY give the stuff away? Yes, we REALLY do.

This edition of "Even more happy CBB winners" is dedicated to CBB Readers who won our contests who blogged about it.

Here are a couple of them!


CBB Reader Karen won our Urban Babies Wear Black contest, photographed her adorable daughter Kate in book-themed outfits, and wrote this in her blog, 33 for a moment:

Being from Tennessee — and with one of mylate grandfathers being a farmer — you know I totally wanted this one.It’s very cute, as are the others in the series that I’ve seen.

Check out her blog for more adorable photos.

CBB Reader Karrie had told us that if she won our contest for Boatman Geller‘s foldover notes and luggage tags, she would use the foldover notes to write notes to special women in her life. She wrote:


My life is pretty muchconsumed with ministry and taking car of my boys (husband and babyTyson), but it is a unique and special lifestyle that I really dotreasure. My husband [a youth minister] and I have set a goal for ourselves this year tobe totally outwardly focused… to love, serve and really care forothers at all times.

I am always looking for ways and opportunities todo that and beautiful, personalized cards would definitely give meanother opportunity! Because I have the unique position ofbeing surrounded by women looking for help and encouragement, includingother young moms, teenaged girls, and lots of lovely older ladies, Ialways have someone to send a note to. I know how good it feels to geta note from someone telling you how special you are and that they arethinking of you, so I really love to make others feel that way.

When she received her custom notes, she presented the notes to her friends, and took this great photo! Check out her blog, Life as a Thomas.

Check out previous winners and their goodies here, here and here.

Have you won a CBB Giveaway? If so, take a photo of yourself with the prize (or your kids wearing or playing with it) and we’ll post it on CBB!

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