Even more happy CBB winners

You know how we’re always giving away stuff? Do you ever wonder if we REALLY give the stuff away? Yes, we REALLY do. Here are a couple of CBB Readers who’ve won some awesome giveaway prizes from us.


CBB Reader Clara and her daughter Gracie won a Sasquatch organic tee from FIG. She wrote:

We just got the new Fig t-shirt we won on your site and my daughter loves it. The organic fabric is great and the shirt is just fun. Thanks for the contest!


CBB Reader Cheryl from Corpus Christi, TX, won a Pronto diaper changing kit from Skip Hop. She wrote:

I won a Skip Hop pronto changer a few months beforemy son was born in August of this year. I love it! It comes in handy duringquick changes like this one. Here is a picture of my husband, Jeremy, changingAsher on the back of one of his trucks at his terminal. I posted this one onour family blog and called it "Real Trucker Moguls change diapers."Too cute!

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CBB Reader Kate won a Baby Kaed Avi-U diaper bag. She wrote:

I’ve attached a picture of me with the Baby Kaed Avi-U diaper bag that you and Baby Kaed so generously awarded to me; as you can (hopefully) see from the grin on my face, I am thrilled! It is the most beautiful bag, and I have it all set to go in our future nursery, with the items I’m beginning to collect for our baby. We find out this coming Monday if it’s a boy or a girl (I will be five months pregnant – in this picture, taken just before Christmas on the day I received the bag, I was just over three months), but no matter if it’s a he or a she, this bag is GORGEOUS and will work perfectly – I couldn’t believe how many cool things came with it! (makeup bag, paci pouch, etc.).

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Have you won a CBB Giveaway? If so, take a photo of yourself with the prize (or your kids wearing or playing with it) and we’ll post it on CBB!

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