Eva Longoria Reveals Why She Felt No Pressure to Lose Weight After Giving Birth to Son Santiago

The actress revealed to PEOPLE why she did not put pressure on herself to lose weight post-pregnancy at the Women of Worth Gala in NYC

Eva Longoria doesn’t have any doubts when it comes to her postpartum body.

While attending the Women of Worth Gala in New York City on Wednesday, Longoria — who welcomed her first child, son Santiago, over the summer — revealed why she did not put pressure on herself postpartum.

“I don’t really succumb to any pressure,” the actress, 43, told PEOPLE, after previously sharing that she allowed her body ample time to adjust to postpartum life.

“So if people were saying, ‘Hurry up and lose weight,’ I don’t know, because I don’t listen to it,” she continued.

Ignoring body shamers and doing what is best for herself and her self-worth is something that the Desperate Housewives alum says she has grown up being accustomed to.

“I’ve had some amazing women in my life — my mom, my sisters — who really taught me about my self-worth from very early on in life,” she told PEOPLE. “I come from a family of strong women, so it would have been impossible for me to lose my self-worth.”

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Ahead of Wednesday’s gala, Longoria shared that she’s been challenging her body since giving birth in June with an intense weight-training program.

“I still love yoga,” Longoria told Us Weekly, but “my workouts now are more weight training. Very serious weight training.”

“I really gave my body time to adjust to postpartum and post-pregnancy,” she added. “You know, it had a baby! It created a human life, so I really wasn’t too hard about getting back into shape.”

Eva Longoria. Evan Agostini/Invision/AP/REX/Shutterstock

With Santiago about to reach his half birthday, Longoria said she finally felt ready to go to work. “Now I’m working out a lot more and watching what I eat,” she said. “I’m barely starting to get back into it.”

Although the new mom relies on weightlifting, SoulCycle, Pilates, yoga, and running to stay fit, Longoria admitted that she would skip the gym if she could.

“I don’t enjoy working out,” she told Health in 2017. “I always wish my trainer doesn’t show up! I’m always like, ‘I hope he cancels, I hope he cancels…’ ”

Still, Longoria knows how important working out is for your health.

“We do have a lot of pressure when people are telling us what we should look like. And I think you have to find your own truth,” she said. “I don’t feel like we should go by these rules and social constructs of society, where you have to be a certain size to be pretty.”

“But I’ve had friends who don’t work out or take care of themselves,” she continued. “and all of a sudden, there’s a health issue.”

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