"We both want to make sure that Kyle's house is totally set up for baby," Eva Amurri writes in her latest Happily Eva After blog post
Eva Amurri
Eva Amurri and Kyle Martino with their kids
| Credit: Eva Amurri/Instagram

Eva Amurri is sharing a new update on how co-parenting is going with her ex-husband Kyle Martino.

In her latest post on her Happily Eva After blog, the Connecticut-based actress and mother of three shares that while the former couple's two oldest children — son Major James, 3½, and daughter Marlowe Mae, 6 — spend "every other weekend at" Martino's home in New York, their 5-month-old son Mateo Antoni hasn't started doing so just yet.

"The plan is that [Mateo] will be going soon for the weekends with Dad, but isn't going yet," writes Amurri, 35. "Kyle and I have decided to keep checking in with one another to see when we both feel ready for that — and we are gearing up to start in the next month or so."

"We both want to make sure that Kyle's house is totally set up for baby and that he has all the gear he needs to balance the three kids on his own," she adds.

For now, the daughter of Susan Sarandon admits she's "very much looking forward to getting the break once" the new schedule starts: "Kyle is a wonderful father, and I have no doubt that he will adjust beautifully to having all three there for the weekend. And if any snafus happen … he will figure it out! Ha!"

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Aside from Marlowe and Major's twice-monthly visits with Martino, 39, in New York, "All three kids also see their dad a day a week at my home in Connecticut, from after-school through bedtime," Amurri reveals.

"This day also serves as a great way for Kyle and I to catch up in person about things that are better to discuss in that way than via text or email," she continues. "The kids, of course, talk with Kyle daily outside of these times as well."

Since their older children started spending weekends at Martino's, "I've seen such a shift in the kids' happiness," the Saved! actress writes. "I think they love having their space set up there, and getting used to real routines and touchstones with Kyle individually."

"My wish is always for my kids to have as strong a bond and relationship with their Dad as possible, so this makes me really happy!" Amurri says. "The only downside that's tough to manage (but possible!) with this inter-state co-parenting commute is how it [affects] weekend activities."

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During the times when Martino isn't around, Amurri makes it a priority to always present the kids' father in a positive light, regardless of her individual relationship with him. (The two announced their split last November and finalized their divorce, about a month and a half before Mateo's birth in March.)

"I also feel that it's really important with divorced families to make sure that the parent not-in-the-home is represented warmly. In both houses!" she says.

"I have a family photo with Kyle in it in the kids' room, for example, and we bring him up often or talk about what he's up to," Amurri explains. "I always want my kids to know that there is an open and warm line of communication when it comes to their dad, no matter what Kyle and I may be going through interpersonally at any given time."

She adds, "I think it is so disrespectful to one's children to bash their other parent or to make them feel like they have to choose, even if it's in subtle ways."