October 20, 2015 03:15 PM

Eva Amurri Martino considers herself to have a “Type A” personality, but becoming a mother to 14-month-old Marlowe Mae has changed that.

“It’s been an interesting journey for me to learn how to have structure, but to be relaxed about it,” Amurri Martino told reporters at the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic in Pacific Palisades on Saturday.

“It’s been great for my personal evolution as well,” she continues.

As far as what has “surprised” Amurri Martino, 30, most about motherhood, it’s the amount of surprises. “I think it was surprising to me that there’s no such thing as being an expert mom. You’re always learning new things,” she explains.

“Every time you learn something, get a handle on something, it all changes. So it’s been the release of accepting the fact that it really is about doing your best. But you’re never going to know it all.”

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Amurri Martino is married to 36 Hours host and former professional soccer player, Kyle Martino, and it seems like the couple now has a third party to include in their conversations.

Marlowe’s “talking up a storm,” the proud mama says of their daughter. “She’s now speaking in sentences, which is crazy. Every day, there’s a new thing.”

Though her daughter is turning out to be quite loquacious, she also enjoys quieter activities like reading.

“Right now, she’s really into books that have flaps that open and close so she can be interactive,” Amurri Martino says. “But she also likes to read magazines.”

While Marlowe likes to read, she can’t stay quiet for long! “She likes to tell me what she’s seeing in the magazines. I don’t really understand everything that she’s saying, but she tries,” she says with a giggle.

— Abby Stern

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