Eva Amurri Says Her 'Biggest Parenting Fail' Was Daughter Rolling Off Changing Table at 4 Months

Eva Amurri chats with PEOPLE from home about her biggest parenting wins, her most recent proudest moment as a mom and more

Eva Amurri knows that parenting is an ever-evolving learning process.

In an exclusive chat with PEOPLE from her Connecticut home, the actress, Happily Eva After blogger and mother of three says that her "biggest parenting fail" happened when daughter Marlowe Mae, now 6, "rolled off the changing table" when she was 4 months old.

"I was the first person in my family to have kids, the first in my friend group ... no one had told me. I literally turned my back for a second to grab diapers out of the closet, and that's all it took," recalls Amurri, 35, who regularly shares updates about parenting on both her blog and Instagram account.

"Now I always tell people you have to be so, so careful. It was a huge learning experience," says the Saved! star, calling the incident "kind of a parenthood rite of passage in some ways."

"But luckily [Marlowe] was okay, and I think we all have moments where we wish we were paying attention more — that we knew better when we didn't," she adds. "You just really have to forgive yourself and move forward."

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On the flip side, Amurri's "biggest parenting win" thus far "has been probably getting my kids to be really awesome sleepers," she tells PEOPLE.

"One thing I pat myself on the back for is I was always really dialed in with sleep training, because I had to be — I went back to work so quickly after all three kids," says the daughter of Susan Sarandon. "Just having to be so strict with it for myself and just so structured with them, it really paid off, and I'm just super proud of what great little sleepers they are."

"It's really stayed true with each of them," Amurri says, adding of 4-month-old Mateo Antoni, the youngest of her three children with ex-husband Kyle Martino, "He's been sleeping through the night for a while."

"I do a lot of things wrong," she jokes, laughing, "but that has been probably my proudest accomplishment."

eva amurri
Eva Amurri and her kids. Julia D'Agostino

Amurri's children "are always making [her] laugh." Lately, 3½-year-old son Major James has taken the funny-bone cake, as he's "really obsessed right now with learning how to shake his booty."

As for Marlowe, who just graduated kindergarten, she recently showed off a newly acquired skill that made her mama — who admits the past few months have been "a doozy" in terms of parenting, amid the coronavirus pandemic and consequent social-distancing orders — get a little bit emotional.

"Obviously she'd been learning reading in school and I think it was right before lockdown, she actually brought a book home from school and read it to me for the first time and I just got tears in my eyes. I just couldn't believe it," says the Californication alum.

"It's just so crazy — you give birth to these babies and they're so little and then one day they come home from school and they're reading a little book, and it's just mind-blowing," Amurri shares. "It just made me really, really proud."

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