Ethan Hawke Has a Sweet Jam Session with Daughter Maya While Social Distancing with Family

Ethan Hawke shares daughter Maya and son Levon with his ex-wife Uma Thurman

Ethan Hawke, Maya
Photo: Maya Hawke/Instagram

It’s a Hawke family sing-along!

On Wednesday, Ethan Hawke joined his daughter Maya Hawke for a sweet jam session as the family practiced social distancing amid the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

In an Instagram video shared on Maya’s account, the duo performed a rendition of “To Live Is to Fly,” with Ethan, 49, and his son Levon, 18, whom Ethan shares with ex-wife Uma Thurman along with Maya, playing the guitar.

Maya, 21, led the vocals before Ethan’s younger children — daughters Clementine, 12, and Indiana, 9, whom he shares with wife Ryan Shawhughes — joined in the harmonies.

“I messed with the arrangements a little because I forgot some of my words, but I feel like it worked,” Maya tells her dad after the song.

Following a successful year with breakout roles in Quentin Tarantino‘s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and the third season of the Netflix series Stranger Things, Maya announced earlier this month that she’ll be releasing her debut album, titled Blush, on June 19.

The record will include “To Love a Boy” and “Stay Open,” both of which she released in 2019.

At the time, dad Ethan celebrated his daughter’s musical achievements on Instagram, sharing a photo of the album art and writing, “These two gorgeous new songs released yesterday by @maya_hawke. Check them out on Spotify and iTunes. Album to follow.”

Maya previously told Vogue that while she’s loved music her entire life and would frequently sing alongside her dad to songs by Hank Williams and Johnny Cash, she was always lasered in on the poetry aspect of songwriting.

“I never had any ambition or real pride in my musical ability. I never had a knack for music. It was never easy for me. I never had the best voice, but I’ve always had a real, great passion for poetry,” she said last August. “It seems to me, in this day and age, that the best way to communicate and translate poetry is through music.”

She also noted that acting remains her “first love and focus,” and that while she hopes to incorporate music into her acting jobs, she will not be pursuing a pop music career.

Ethan Hawke, Maya Hawke
Ethan Hawke and Maya Hawke. Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

In a new interview with WSJ. Magazine in July, Maya revealed that she’s close with both her mom and her dad, often going to them for advice about the family business.

“I’m always running decisions by them,” she told the outlet. “They both have similar levels of success but really different experiences within the business.”

“I think that’s the biggest advantage [I have], that I have information about the pitfalls and the good things,” the star continued. “Hopefully it’ll keep me from making some mistakes that young actors can make.”

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