It’s been a good week for Worst Week star Erinn Hayes: She and her husband Jack, a construction superintendent, welcomed a second daughter, Lilah Grace Hayes, to their family on Wednesday, April 29th.

The couple already have a 2-year-old daughter Maggie, who has been preparing to become a big sister. “She’s obsessed with dolls,” Erinn told PEOPLE in January. “She wants to wrap them up and put them to bed. They’re all called Barbara. She even calls the baby Baby Barbara.”

While there’s still no word from CBS yet as to whether or not Worst Week will be picked up for another season, Lilah came at a perfect time for her mom’s work schedule. “If we get picked up, we won’t start filming until August, so I can have a few months with the baby,” says Erinn.

Erinn and Jack announced the pregnancy in January, sharing a May due date. Arriving a bit early, Lilah was a delivery surprise and fulfilled mom’s prediction! “With my daughter, I was so convinced that she was gonna be a boy that I was so surprised when she came out a girl,” Erinn had explained. “This one I really feel like it’s gonna be a boy, so it’s probably gonna be a girl, but we’ll see!”

Source: PEOPLE

— Lisa Ingrassia