Erin Napier Reveals 3-Year-Old Daughter Helen's Adorable Reaction to News She'd Be a Big Sister

The stars of HGTV's Home Town are expecting their second girl in May

Erin and Ben Napier can't wait to meet their second daughter this May, but one family member might be even more excited for the new arrival: their 3-year-old daughter Helen.

"We told her the night we found out," Erin tells PEOPLE in one of this week's cover stories. "And she was so excited."

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Helen even correctly guessed her new sibling would be a girl. The Home Town stars asked her, "'Do you think it'll be a little brother or a little sister?" And she answered with complete confidence, "It's a girl," Erin recalls.

"It's a gale," Ben corrects, using Helen's adorable pronunciation of the word.

ben and erin napier
Brooke Davis-Jefcoat

"The day we found out it was a girl was hilarious," Erin says. "We got the phone call and I said, 'Helen, guess what? It's a girl.' And she completely did this whole like choreographed performance dance in this hotel room. And it ended with her like on the floor," she explains, throwing one arm dramatically in the air. "She's very, very pleased with herself for predicting it was a girl. And if it were a boy, she would've been devastated, I think."

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ben and erin napier
Brooke Davis-Jefcoat

Aside from her impending big sisterhood, Helen has already had an eventful year. In January, she broke two bones in her leg while playing in the park in Wetumpka, Alabama, where her parents were filming their new series Home Town Takeover.

ben and erin napier
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"It scared me to death. It was awful. Her little shin was crooked," Erin recalls. Thankfully, after 9 weeks in a cast and boot, she's made a full recovery and hasn't let the accident phase her.

She got a new bike with training wheels for Easter. "She crashed twice — like turned the bike over — and didn't even cry," says Ben.

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