"With my daughter, I would say it was me," the new dad of two tells PEOPLE

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Updated December 03, 2020 03:29 AM

They just welcomed son Eric Thomas II two weeks ago, but NFL star Eric Decker says wife Jessie James Decker has clocked in more time on diaper duty.

“With my daughter, I would say it was me,” the New York Jets wide receiver told PEOPLE of 18-month-old daughter Vivianne Rose, Thursday at the Samsung Hope For Children Gala.

“Now with the little boy, for sure her. It always works that way, with the dad and the little girl and the mom and the little boy. But all the kids are doing great, and it’s just so fun.”

Fun — and a new adventure! “It’s so different, having two compared to one, because the dynamic is so crazy,” says Decker, 28.

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In addition to more sleepless nights, “You’re so focused on having one and giving all your attention: Now you’ve got to figure out how to share all that attention; how to be able to have them together,” he adds.

As for Vivianne, Decker says she’s excited for her new role. “She understands it’s her little brother, so it’s really about showing her how great of a big sister she is and supporting her that way.”

Meanwhile, James Decker, 27 — whose new single, “Lights Down Low,” dropped last week — is busy nursing and getting back to work.

“She’s looking great, she’s feeling great. She’s breastfeeding, so obviously that’s very important with the little boy,” says Decker. “And she’s starting to get back into her career now — a successful pregnancy, the baby boy’s healthy, and now Mommy gets to work a little bit.”

— Jeff Nelson