Make every day a spa day for you and your tot with Epicuren Baby luxe skincare collection.

Celebrity fave Epicuren is branching out — to babies! The luxe skincare brand recently debuted a brand new Epicuren Baby line with help from celebrity photographer Anne Geddes, who shot the cover art for each package.

For bath time, try the aromatic bath wash ($14). The scent and ingredients — which are naturally derived and primarily organic — not only protect and soothe fragile skin, but also work to calm baby and her frazzled parents!

The collection may be small, but it’s thorough, also featuring baby lotion ($15.50) and our absolute favorite diaper spray ($13). Sold in a 2.4 ounce spray bottle, it seals out wetness and germs, cools chapped skin and protects rashes already in progress. Best of all, you won’t need to worry about your hands irritating baby’s sore bum, as you do while applying a thick paste or cream.

So what are you waiting for? Have a spa day every day with baby. To shop, go to