Jerry Ferrara Doesn't Have a Name Chosen for His Son on the Way but Is Considering This One

Entourage star and dad-to-be Jerry Ferrara talks exclusively to PEOPLE about his hopes for his son and how he plans to parent as wife Breanne hits 30 weeks

Jerry Ferrara‘s Entourage is getting bigger in just a couple of months.

“I’m just going to be ready at all times,” Ferrara — who’s expecting his first child with wife Breanne — tells PEOPLE. “I’m going to stay ready so I don’t have to get ready.”

As their pregnancy reaches the 30-week mark, the dad-to-be shares his hopes for his son on the way: “If he is significantly more my wife than me, I’m good. We’re good. I know that kid is going to be good,” says Ferrara, 39.

The star announced the pregnancy to fans with an emotional post in early January. He mentioned his own childhood in the caption, writing that “[g]rowing up without a father means this is the most important job/thing I’ll ever do.”

As for what he’s most anticipating, Ferrara is “really looking forward to waking up every day and seeing his face and seeing him change and watching him grow up,” he tells PEOPLE. “I’m excited to see [my son] grow.”

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Jerry Ferrara/Instagram
Jerry Ferrara and wife Breanne. Breanne Racano Ferrara/Instagram

Ferrara is definitely excited to be preparing for fatherhood ahead of his son’s May 7 due date, too. “I’m learning a lot,” the Power actor tells PEOPLE. “I’m learning thousands of different things.”

He adds that one of those things is keeping certain details, such as potential names, private. Although they haven’t yet decided on a moniker, the couple plans on keeping any naming decisions to themselves, save for “a few select loved ones.”

“You don’t want to run into that person who goes, ‘Oh, that’s what you’re [naming him] — oh, okay.’ So I’ve been throwing name ideas at so many people that I’m running into some interference. It’s a problem,” Ferrara says, joking, “Bre is mad at me right now.”

If it were up to him, though, the little boy might be named Zion. “The Knicks are vying for the No. 1 pick in the draft and if they do get the No. 1 pick it’ll 99.9 percent be Zion Williamson,” Ferrara says. “I’m putting Zion on the table, if the Knicks get Zion Williamson.”

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Ferrara says his wishes for his son include wanting “him to be a loyal young guy,” “nice” and “respectful of others” around him as he grows up.

“Little kids can be mean to each other sometimes — lord knows I probably had my moments when I was a little kid — so I’m really just going to try to preach to him to be kind, and be nice and try to imagine what somebody else is feeling before you react to anything,” he explains.

As far as looks go, Ferrara hopes his baby boy gets his mom’s “height” and “metabolism” — but it’s okay if his mane comes from his papa.

“I think he’d be okay if he got my hairline,” the actor jokes to PEOPLE. “I’m almost 40 years old and I still have a pretty good set of hair.”

They may be keeping their little one’s name under wraps, but both the actor and Breanne, 31, have been transparent about their journey and pregnancy on Instagram.

“I just came from an ultrasound and we saw our son’s face for the very first time as a clear picture,” Ferrara tells PEOPLE.

The actor shared the ultrasound image on Instagram to an abundance of well wishes, including a notable congratulations from former basketball star Shaquille O’Neal.

Ferrara will be playing with O’Neal and fellow NBA legend Charles Barkley in the upcoming Pringles and Cheez-It Celebrity Crunch Classic on April 7. Fans can enter to win a trip to Minneapolis to play in the Classic until March 8, after which six lucky entrants will be chosen.

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