By peoplestaff225
Updated January 18, 2009 05:00 PM

Actor Enrico Colantoni is proud to be part of the hit television series Flashpoint, especially because it is filmed in his home country of Canada. While he loves being back there to tape the show, there is a downside — his wife Nancy and kids Quintin, 11, and Madelyn Francesca, 8, are at the family’s home in Los Angeles, CA because of their schooling. “I miss my kids … I know I’m going to go back in February, which makes it a lot more endurable,” says the 45-year-old actor. Enrico has only been away from his family for about a week but he makes sure to stay in touch with them frequently through Skype, even though he thinks he misses the kids more than they miss him!

The former Just Shoot Me star also shared that he is unsure when Amy Jo Johnson — his co-star and new mom to 7-week-old Francesca Christine —will be coming back but assures us she will be! “Her baby is absolutely the most beautiful thing,” he gushed. In the meantime, “something happens in the fourth episode that will air this season that will sort of explain” where things stand with Amy Jo. “Anyone schooled in the ways of television knows how it works — the actress is pregnant, and then something happens, and the character conveniently disappears for a while.”