September 20, 2013 01:00 PM

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She’s due with her first child any day now, but nothing will stop a very pregnant Morena Baccarin from attending Sunday’s Emmy Awards.

“I’m going to make it to the Emmys. It’s my first nomination. I will be there no matter what,” Baccarin told reporters at the Los Angeles Confidential Pre-Emmy Kick-Off Celebration Thursday night.

The Homeland actress, 34, admits that it was “perfect timing and a very huge surprise” when she found out that she was one of the nominees for the Outstanding Actress In A Drama Series category.

“We forgot what day it was and I woke up to all of these phone calls. My first reaction was somebody died, something horrible has happened,” she says. “But of course it was not that. It was really amazing.”

Baccarin officially decided on her dress for the big night on Thursday and says finding the right evening gown to accommodate her burgeoning belly wasn’t hard.

“Believe it or not it was relatively easy. I have a wonderful stylist and it all fit. I was like, ‘Great. This is going to be the one,’ ” she shares.

But Baccarin acknowledges that it isn’t always easy to find the perfect fit when getting ready with a baby bump. “I remember when I first got pregnant [Homeland costar and new mom Claire Danes] told me, ‘Enjoy this moment when you can move because pretty soon you’re not going to be able to put your shoes on.’ And she was right,” admits the actress.

The mom-to-be has kept quiet about the sex of the baby, but is willing to share some insight to her work-in-progress nursery.

“It’s going to be eclectic I’m sure,” Baccarin says. “I did bring back a skull and cross bones made out of metal that I found in Charlotte that I thought would be really badass, but that might also scare my child.”

Along with work and the nursery, the stunning star has kept busy — and in shape — by swimming. “I swim laps, which is nice because I’m weightless in the water,” she explains.

As for cravings? “I was your typical pregnant woman — pickles and watermelon. That was my thing,” she says.

The Emmy-nominated actress is due any moment, but she will attend the awards show with the help of her husband Austin Chick.

“I’m going to have my husband tote flip-flops and definitely PowerBars or granola bars —  whatever it takes to get me through the night — and water. [That’s] what they’re there for,” Baccarin jokes.

— Mariah Haas

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