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October 06, 2008 08:00 AM

Only three short months after giving birth to her first child, son Beau Lee, singer Emma Bunton was hitting the road for the world tour reunion of the 90’s singing sensation Spice Girls. Although Emma calls going on tour almost immediately after having a child "tough," she can’t help but realize that she — along with Victoria Beckham, Melanie Brown, and Geri Halliwell — was extremely "lucky" to have the ability to bring their kids along with them which, in Emma’s case, helped avoid "separation anxiety." While the tour was a success, Emma shares that with the birth of Melanie ‘Mel C’ Chisholm‘s baby this winter, the ladies are dedicating themselves to their families and their careers, as the 32-year-old is "ready to move forward." However, this doesn’t mean that the girls aren’t in touch often, says Emma, who not only "rang Mel C recently to congratulate her on her pregnancy," but shares that they also "keep in touch by text, especially on the kids’ birthdays."

For Emma, and her longtime partner Jade Jones, 28, life these days has the duo busy as they care for baby Beau, 13 months, at their home in north London. The realization of exactly how much life has changed for Emma since her days singing on stage as ‘Baby Spice’ recently was brought to her attention as she found herself preparing for a night out on the town. Saying their son "has changed everything because it’s not about me anymore," Emma goes on to reveal the couple’s new nighttime routine.

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Having the extended family close by not only makes for greatbaby-sitters, but allows Beau to "see his grandparents every day," adaily routine that Emma isn’t willing to change. In fact, as Emmashares that she has "done a few auditions" in the U.S, she admits thatwhen all is said and done, she is not looking to "uproot the family,"calling herself "a London girl."

With the future filled with opportunities — with Emma saying "it’sno secret either that Jade and I always wanted a restaurant of our own"– the singer is "looking forward to having more children, but not justyet." Instead, Jade and Emma — who claim marriage is "not on theagenda" — want to "enjoy the moment" with their son and make sure todo just that by keeping Beau close to the family. In addition to Emma’smother watching Beau while the couple are out, Jade and Emma "share thechildcare rather than have a nanny," allowing the pair to be "oftentogether 24/7."

Source: Daily Mail