Emily Ratajkowski Shares Adorable Video of Son Sylvester, 2, Exploring Art Gallery in Tokyo

"He couldn't get over the mirror reflections and it just looked so cool," Ratajkowski said as she narrated her and her toddler son's experience

Emily Ratajkowski
Emily Ratajkowski and son Sylvester. Photo: Emily Ratajkowski/instagram

Emily Ratajkowski is giving a glimpse into her artsy day with son Sylvester Apollo in Tokyo.

The model, 31, shared a TikTok video with her 2.4 million followers on the platform and 29.9 million on Instagram of her exploring teamLab studio with her 2-year-old and a friend.

Wearing jeans, a teal cropped top and a yellow jacket with black ink blotches, Ratajkowski narrated the video while showing various shots of the mother-son duo having fun together discovering different sections in the gallery.

In one adorable scene, she showed Sylvester, clad in a blue-and-white sweater with a horse motif and a green vest with beige slacks, walking around a room full of flowers.

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In another shot, Ratajkowski recorded Sylvester smiling down in awe at his reflection in a mirror on the floor as she smiled at the camera beside him, and also showed a reflective shot of her carrying her son in her arms as she moved between rooms.

"That first room was filled with flowers and mirrored walls and ceilings and he just couldn't get over it," the mother of one said over her video.

"He couldn't get over the mirror reflections and it just looked so cool, him walking around like this," she added with a laugh, as she showed Sylvester stomping around a room with changing LED lights. "Ugh, so pretty! Also, I'm very proud of his outfit."

Ratajkowski ended the video showing one final room decorated with giant balls on the ceiling and floor, and shared cute shots of Sylvester having fun while pushing the giant balls around.

"This was the next room. This is these giant balls that you could push, so I obviously had so much fun with that, as well," she said. "Just to be clear, I'm not showing all the rooms. There were so many, including a bunch where we got our feet wet. But next time you're in Tokyo, I highly recommend checking this place out. It was amazing!"

The video comes days after Ratajkowski was spotted kissing actor-musician Harry Styles in the Japanese capital city, and shortly after she celebrated her son's second birthday earlier this month.

She shared a peek at the festivities in an Instagram post showing Sylvester blowing out candles on a dog-themed cake. There were also doggy balloons scattered around the house, and she showed a shot of the birthday boy posing with two pups.

Leading up to the occasion, the model also posted a sweet montage of moments from her pregnancy and Sylvester's life so far, while reflecting on how much he has meant to her.

"My beautiful baby turns 2 this week and the time has gone by as quickly as this video. What a two years it's been, Sly. So much joy, so much pain," she wrote.

"So many lessons," Ratajkowski added. "I'll do anything to keep you safe and make sure your life is a wonderful one. Being your mama is magical. I love you more than you could ever know."

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