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February 20, 2010 02:00 PM

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Five weeks into new motherhood, Emily Mortimer reports that her latest addition — daughter May Rose — is blossoming into a great baby. “She’s just so bloody sweet I can’t get over it,” the actress tells Vanity Fair.

Although her baby girl spends most of her time eating and sleeping, Emily is quick to point out it hasn’t all been smooth sailing. After initially discovering she was pregnant, the actress — who was in Japan at the time — was invited out for a bit of traditional cuisine.

“I was trying so hard to be charming and have them think I was cool, and they were all so impressed by me because I ate some sort of weird Japanese spinach to begin with,” she recalls. When her dinner dates’ cheering grew louder, Emily quickly got caught up in the moment and downed the sushi that was being handed to her.

“I thought, ‘Okay, my doctor told me I can have sushi if it’s very fresh, so I’ll just have one bite,'” she rationalized.

Much to the expectant mama’s dismay, what she ate was, in fact, a true “delicacy” — pieces of uncooked chicken dipped in raw egg. Emily’s reaction, however, is what continues to haunt her! “The weirdest thing — this is something so weird about me, I probably need to go to some therapist to work it out — instead of stopping there, I kept eating it,” she admits.

After realizing the possible effect on her unborn baby, Emily’s sense of accomplishment turned to regret. “I got home and I cried on the phone to [my husband] Alessandro [Nivola], ‘I’ve killed our baby! I’ve just eaten raw chicken!'” she says.

In retrospect, according to Emily, her slip-up has worked wonders on May! “She’s thriving,” the actress laughs. “It was very good for her, obviously!”

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Following her instincts has proved beneficial for Emily the second time around, who admits she wasn’t as fortunate during her first pregnancy with son Samuel John, 6.

When her “very posh English doctor” advised her that prenatal vitamins were “unnecessary” and that smoking while pregnant was acceptable, the mom-to-be found herself with a newborn baby and a “mouthful” of cavities.

A true blessing in disguise, her trip to the dentist was just what the new mama needed.

“I went to the dentist for a three-hour session where he just put fillings into my mouth and I can remember thinking, ‘Oh, this is nice!'” she laughs.

Emily’s new movie Shutter Island is in theaters now.

Source: Vanity Fair

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