Mom of Three Emily Maynard Johnson Isn't Done Having Kids: 'I Think We'll Have at Least One More'

"We'll space it out a little bit better," former Bachelorette Emily Maynard Johnson tells PEOPLE of her plans for adding another baby to her growing brood

She may have just welcomed her third child in September, but four might be the magic number for Emily Maynard Johnson!

“I definitely think we’ll have at least one more. [My husband Tyler Johnson] wants two more,” The Bachelorettealum, 30, tells PEOPLE. “[My daughter Ricki, 11,] will be out of the house and the babies will still be young.”

Considering new son Gibson Kyle, 3 months, arrived just 14 months after her older son Jennings Tyler, Maynard Johnson says there might be a little more time between now and her next baby.

“We’re going to plan this one a little better. We’ll space it out a little bit better,” she says, admitting, “This has been the hardest thing I’ve ever done.”

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Allison Kuhn

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“Gibson is super chill,” the lifestyle blogger and New York Times bestselling author says of her new baby boy. “He’s so good. He’s really easy and laid-back. He’s the happiest baby.”

She also dishes on how Gibson got his name — and no, it wasn’t from Mel Gibson or the famed guitar brand. “Gibson is my middle name and Kyle is Tyler’s family name,” she says.

Allison Kuhn
Allison Kuhn

While she has “gotten into a rhythm” and “can laugh about stuff like when we’re in the car and they both start crying” now, the first week after Maynard Johnson came home from the hospital was rough.

“I was in a funk because I just felt so overwhelmed. I had a cesarean section so I couldn’t pick up Jennings and I felt like he’s forgetting me,” she says. “My mom was helping and Tyler’s mom was helping, and I felt like, ‘He’s not even going to remember I’m his mom.’ And I couldn’t really do anything.”

She continues, “That was really mentally challenging more so than physically … Feeling like I’m doing everything halfway has been hard.”

Allison Kuhn

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Fortunately, the new mom of three has come to realize that cutting herself some slack is a good thing as long as her kids are all right.

“As long as my kids are clean, that’s where my level is right now,” Maynard Johnson admits. “I don’t even care about the rest. As long as they’re clean and fed, I’m good.”

One specific thing that has gotten a bit more challenging with having a second baby around? Breastfeeding.

Allison Kuhn

“It sounds so silly, but just going to the grocery store, getting out one is so much easier than getting out two. We have a giant double stroller. And breastfeeding has been harder because I have another one. I have two babies! And Jennings is harder than the baby,” she explains.

“I think that age is a really hard age. He started walking the day I went into the hospital,” Maynard Johnson continues. “He took his first 10 consecutive steps at the hospital. I feel like I’m in The Twilight Zone most of the time.”

It’s a good thing little Gibson has such a caring family to help look after him. According to Maynard Johnson, both her husband and daughter have been a huge help.

“Ricki likes to take him for a walk. She likes to push the stroller. She likes to pick out his outfits. And she’s really into decorating onesies. She irons on patches. It’s really cute,” the proud mom shares. “I love to see [Gibson] and Ricki together. She’s such a little mommy. She’s so protective of both of her brothers.”

Allison Kuhn
Allison Kuhn

As busy as she is being a mom to two children under 2, Maynard Johnson ensures that she makes time for her daughter as well.

“I try to have a girls night with her once a month. We go do what she wants to do and go where she wants to eat and it’s just the two of us,” she explains. “Her room is separate from the boys and she has her own space. We just want to keep her feeling special.”

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