Emily Blunt Is 'Over the Moon' About Daughters Picking Up British Accents at Their London School

"They've actually been in a proper school with school uniforms," she says of Hazel, 6, and Violet, 4

Emily Blunt couldn't be happier about her daughter picking up a British accent.

During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday, the Wild Mountain Thyme actress, 37, who was born in London, shared her joy in the fact that her two daughters with husband John KrasinskiHazel, 6, and Violet, 4 — have re-adopted U.K. speaking patterns while schooling in London during the pandemic.

"They've actually been in a proper school with school uniforms," the mom of two says of their learning situation. "Miraculously, they're sounding quite British, which I'm completely over the moon about."

"My little one sent me a video, well she didn't actually send it but someone sent it, of her singing 'Jingle Bells,' and she goes, 'Jingle ol' da waye!' " Blunt reenacts with a laugh. "Almost like a Cockney. It was almost like Dick Van Dyke singing 'Jingle Bells.' The craziest accent ever — it was kind of brilliant."

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Emily blunt and John Krasinski
John Krasinski and Emily Blunt. Frazer Harrison/Getty

Blunt has previously updated about her daughter's competing accents, fluctuating from British and American tendencies while living mostly in Brooklyn. The family of four had to relocate to England for most of 2017 while the actress filmed Mary Poppins Returns, giving her a slight edge in the accent competition with her American husband, 41.

"I love shooting in England, all my family is there. It's fab! It's just great," she said at the time. "And my kids were on set all the time and we have a lot of cool on-set pictures with me and the kids."

But did Hazel and Violet pick up their mom’s accent? "They kind of did — temporarily!" Blunt joked.

Prior to that, Blunt talked about her older daughter starting to take after Krasinski in 2016 while stopping by The Tonight Show, explaining that living mostly in America was starting to influence little Hazel. "Hazel had my accent for a really long time and would say things like 'water' [with a British accent] which I was really proud of," Blunt said at the time.

"And then the other day she goes, [feigning American accent] 'Can I have some water?' And I went, 'It's water,' " she added. "And she was like, 'No, it's [American accent] water.' "

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