May 14, 2014 11:55 AM

The pose Hazel struck in her first photo wasn’t an accident — according to Emily Blunt, her baby girl was born to be a star.

“She’s just stinking cute. She came out ready for a photo shoot,” the new mom joked during a Wednesday appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

And while the actress and husband John Krasinski‘s 3-month-old daughter  — whose name suits the couple’s love of “old lady names” — is “perfect,” the proud parents aren’t the only ones to take note.

“I remember when we were in the recovery room … and this nurse came in — her name was Mabel, another great old lady name. She had this fantastic, crazy weave and she said, ‘Damn, your baby is so cute!’ And I went, ‘Oh, thank you,” Blunt, 31, recalls.

“She went, ‘Damn, she’s awesome, she’s so cute.’ And I went, ‘Mabel, I think you say that to everyone,’ and she went, ‘No, I don’t … when I know a baby’s ugly, I say, “You had a baby!”‘ I was like, ‘Those poor parents must know.'”

Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

First-time fatherhood has revealed a few secret talents of Krasinski, whom Blunt crowns as the ultimate “burp king” in the family.

“He can just get a beer burp out of this kid. It even surprised her, you can tell,” she explains. “He burps her and she’s … taken aback by it. It’s an underrated skill.”

Blunt has already bounced back after giving birth, but her trick to regaining her svelte shape was not because of any new training techniques she learned while preparing for her intense role in Edge of Tomorrow, in theaters June 6.

“I don’t know if other mothers had this, but I have found breastfeeding to be the thing,” she says.

But while she may now be settled into a normal nursing routine, the actress was completely caught off guard when her milk came in — a sight straight out of a scary story, she jokes.

“My boobs also thought I had 12 children … It was like three in the morning and John woke up to me — it was like something out of a horror movie,” she says. “He said he just saw me creeping towards the bathroom … and he just saw my back and he goes, ‘Oh my God, what’s wrong?’ And I went, ‘It hurts,’ and he goes, ‘What?’ And I go, ‘These!’ Two enormous heads … veiny heads.”

She adds, “I found that because I managed to produce a lot of milk I don’t know why, [but] it helped me lose the weight. I could have been the wet nurse in medieval times because I could have fed the village while they all went to work!”

— Anya Leon

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