Elton's John's Son's Breast Milk Comes via Fedex

Zachary Furnish-John, 4 months old, gets a very special delivery from his biological mom

Photo: Donna Svennevik/ABC

Elton John is rightly known for doing things with a flourish. And that includes delivering breast milk to his son.

“We have the breast milk Fedexed from where she is,” says the musician, referring to the biological mother of his and partner David Furnish’s 4-month-old son, Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John.

What the new parents don’t have, despite British tabloid reports to the contrary, are multi-million-dollar nurseries in their homes, four nannies in service, or special baby chefs.

“We have one nanny. And we’re very hands-on,” John told ABC’s Barbara Walters for a 20/20 interview. “And we take him to lunch.”

How hands-on are John, 64, and Furnish, 48, when it comes to Baby Zachary? “We change him, we bathe him, we feed him and we read him a story every night.”

Both stressed the importance of instilling the right values in the boy, who is growing up not only rich but in the shadow of his parents’ limelight.

“The worst thing you can do to a child, and I’ve seen it happen so many times, is the silver spoon,” John said. “Being the child of a famous person is very difficult, and we’re very well aware of the pitfalls of that.”

“Our life might be very luxurious but it’s all come from hard work,” said Furnish, a movie producer. “Both Elton and I have sort of earned everything we’ve done in our careers and furthered our educations through our own drive and our own ambitions, and we want Zachary to be exactly the same sort of way.”

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