Elmo's World Opposites: It's time for opposites day

Elmo is a HUGE hit in my house, and I’ve decided he’s brilliantly marketed. I didn’t do ANYTHING to encourage my child’s early love of the furry, red character, but inevitably he became a favorite in our house. I had been using my DVR to stockpile Sesame Street episodes. Then I found the "Elmo’s World" DVDs.

My daughter doesn’t care too much about the other characters on the street, she knows them all and will name them, but once Elmo is off the screen she requests him to come back. "Elmo? Elmo? Elmo? …" You get the point. Tired of fast-forwarding to the 39-minute marker in every episode (it’s a sickness I tell you), I scooped up an "Elmo’s World" DVD and found my solution. Packed in every "Elmo’s World" DVD are three of the mini-segments, each approximately 20 minutes in length.

New to the line is "Elmo’s World: Opposites". This particular DVD features the episodes "Up and Down," "Fast and Slow," and "Open and Close." "Fast and Slow" is one of my favorites, it features the infamous Tortoise and Hare to help show Elmo the difference between fast and slow. Each "Elmo’s World" episode follows the same format, and my daughter LOVES the repetition and format. She routinely asks for NooNoo (Mr. Noodle) or Fissie (Dorothy the Goldfish). I definitely limit her tv-watching and wish I could say that she never watches TV, but at least with these videos I know what she’s watching and I approve! Buy your copy from amazon.com for $10!

— Bronwyn

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