Lovers of all things Elmo will be ecstatic to hear of Genius Products and Sesame Street Workshop’s latest movie Elmo Loves You!

In the movie, Elmo is making a surprise card for someone he loves. Joined by recognizable sidekicks Rosita and the heroic helper, Super Grover, Elmo and his friends go on an important quest to save the day and make someone feel loved. This movie builds on what you have already come to expect from Sesame Workshop’s legacy — it’s both educational and fun. The friendly characters go on an adventure that imparts valuable life lessons about love, feelings and friendship.

The movie also boasts special performances by artists that parents will recognize — Trisha Yearwood, John Legend, R.E.M. — and a new tune aptly named, “Elmo Loves You.” There is also a new music video which teaches kids how to sign the words “I Love You.”

My 3-year-old did not find this movie as engaging as I thought she would have (it seems she is over Elmo) but certain parts — specifically the musical portions and the sign language video — definitely held her attention. Her 2 ½-year-old best friend, however, was SO into this movie that we ended up letting her borrow it for the week.

A lot of parts will look familiar to you, as they use a lot of older Sesame Street footage, but it works well with the new material and everything is new to a toddler, right?

I definitely think that any kid who loves Elmo will L.O.V.E Elmo Loves You!, and at 45 minutes, this movie is just the perfect length to hold a toddler’s attention.

— Teba