"She had about a month where she was not in a good mood," Pompeo says of daughter Stella


When Ellen Pompeo and Chris Ivery first brought home daughter Sienna May, they thought their firstborn, Stella Luna, had found her person.

“She liked her at first,” the Grey’s Anatomy star said during a Wednesday appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

However, it wasn’t long before things between the sisters started to go south. “After three months, she was like, ‘Is she leaving?’ ” Pompeo, 45, recalls. “I was like, ‘No, no, she’s going to live here.’ And she was like, ‘Oh, okay.’ ”

Adds the actress, “She had about a month where she was not in a good mood. Bad mood every day for a month. And now that passed and now she’s fine.”

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According to the mom of two, 5½-year-old Stella “loves” her 6-month-old baby sister — as much as her other great love. “She wants to be an emergency room doctor. She loves coming to set,” Pompeo says.

But her visits to the Grey’s set are motivated by more than spending time with her mama. “Linda Klein is our medical producer, wonderful woman [and] good friend of mine, and she just wants to go straight to Linda’s office and play with all the medical things,” she explains.

“Yesterday I went in to find her [and] she was with Linda with a bone drill, drilling a fake femur bone with a real bone drill. She was supervised, but they have her doing advanced procedures!”

While she’s proud of her little girl’s aspirations, Pompeo jokes that the time has come for Stella to narrow down her career choices.

“She needs to decide whether she wants to be an orthopedic surgeon or an emergency room doctor,” she says. “She needs to nail it down. I mean, seriously, she’s confusing me.”

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— Anya Leon