By peoplestaff225
Updated May 21, 2008 06:00 AM

Elizabeth Grant’s amazing skincare line is one of the best kept beauty secrets of the fashion/celebrity/supermodel world but it’s about time someone (me) spilled the beans. Her products are used by wealthy socialite moms such as Kathy Hilton and Ivana Trump, glowing starlets like Anne Hathaway, Jessica Alba, Minnie Driver and Shannon Elizabeth, and even powerhouse designers such as Karl Lagerfeld and Roberto Cavalli. But even with such a compelling cast of fans, that’s not what convinced me to write about the line: It was my own mother.

I was going to title this review ‘Mommy and Me’ skincare, but it’s not about me and my daughter. It’s about me and my own mother. Because it is my mom, the chemist, the skeptic and the naturalist who ultimately convinced me how wonderful Elizabeth Grant skincare products really are.

To give you a little background, my beautiful mom who is now in her late 70’s, worked for a major pharmaceutical company in her youth, developing and testing skincare products. She has a vast knowledge of common ingredients and is of the opinion that 90% of what is out there does more harm than good, and much of what these products claim to do is absolute bunk. She has always been famous for her ‘less is more’ approach to skincare and has gorgeous skin well into her 70’s. When people ask her what she uses, she always replies (a little smugly) "nothing but water". Naturally I have inherited a healthy skepticism, if not her gorgeously flawless skin, and I too am wary of products promising miracles.

So when I tried the Elizabeth Grant line and found it to be rich, luxurious and effective at reducing my fine lines, I was intrigued. But I knew that in order to really recommend it (you’ll rarely see me doing a skincare review!) I had to get my mom to try it as well. At first she protested. But recently she has been bothered by the lines around her mouth, and across her cheeks as time finally catches up with her. So she thought she’d give the Biocolassis Advanced Cellular Regenerations Creams ($150; night and day versions available; see photo at right) a go. I half expected her to call me up a week later, declaring it was more bunk, and that her skin had broken out from it. But instead she called me up and asked me repeatedly where I got the stuff, and what the heck was in it, because a) her skin was not irritated from it in the least, and b) quite noticeably less-wrinkled. It wasn’t her imagination either: Everyone was noticing it. My dad, my sister-in-law, even my own husband. The network of fine lines was fading and her face looked fresher and younger. So she did the unthinkable — For the first time in her life, she used up the entire jar of both products.

The reason I am writing mostly about my mom in my review is that with her, the results of the Elizabeth Grant skincare line were most dramatic and eye-opening for me. I found the line to be gentle enough for my sensitive skin, leaving it smooth and glowing, but in all honesty I still have time somewhat on my side. So really, 90% of my approval rating comes from a skincare line simply making the most of/preserving what I already have, without causing irritation and outbreak. It’s a far easier task than what this line has done for my mother’s skin! So while I can appreciate the smoothing properties and the way Elizabeth Grant items leave my sensitive (and recently pregnant) skin glowing — I can appreciate it so much more given the amazing transformative effect her products have had on my Mom’s skin. Her biggest worry now is that she is completely addicted to the stuff!

If the products can work so well on skin that already has significant signs of aging, I can only help but think that it will treat and prevent future damage for me just as effectively. In the meantime, there are a bunch of Elizabeth Grant products that are working particularly well for me in my tired mommy state that I would recommend to anyone wanting to give them a try:

I’ve taken a tip from supermodels and keep their Advanced Eye Renewal Serum ($39.99; see photo at left) on my vanity in order to keep my eyes from showing the telltale signs of sleepless mommy nights. I also love their lip softening lip gloss ($24.99) under any lipstick. And their Jojoba Foot Cream ($16.98) is an absolute treat for tired mommy feet. It’s nice to know that this line includes products that pamper your skin from head to toe – not just your face!

Check out Elizabeth Grant skincare products here. Whatever ails your skin, this is a line that likely has a solution worth trying. And if you don’t believe me, and the celebs, you can ask my mom!