Elizabeth Banks: Why I Wanted My Children to Be Close

The Pitch Perfect 2 star and director shares the thing her sons do that "makes my life"

Elizabeth Banks

Seth Olenick

Elizabeth Banks has “thank you” on the mind these days — and there’s no place she’s more grateful than right at home.

When she’s not traveling to promote her directorial debut Pitch Perfect 2 or the upcoming Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2, the actress — who’s currently partnering with American Greetings’s ThankList campaign — said she loves watching her two sons Felix, 4, and Magnus Mitchell, 2, playing together.

“They are really great friends,” says Banks, 41, with pride. “I’m really close with my siblings, and my husband [Max Handelman] and I wanted to have our children close together for that reason.”

She continues, “The fact that they’re so loving toward each other and such good little friends is what makes my life.”

The experience of having her own children has also made Banks more mindful of how she treats her own mom: “I think we take for granted a lot of gratitude in our lives like, ‘Oh, my mother knows that I thank her.’ I guarantee your mother cannot hear it enough. No mom can hear ‘Thank you’ enough. I am a mom, and no mom can hear it enough.”

— Lanford Beard

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