Elisabeth Röhm Rocks Out With Easton

If there is a recurring theme for Elisabeth Röhm and her 1-year-old daughter Easton August Anthony, it is definitely music! The 35-year-old former Law & Order star says that the bond began early, while Easton was still in utero, and Elisabeth would sing along — loudly! — while driving her car. “I asked my doctor … if it would hurt Easton, because I really didn’t want to disturb her,” she tells US. “He said, ‘I guess it’s okay’…I don’t think he’d ever been asked that question before.”

“That set the tone of Easton and I, and music in our family.”

The good times have only continued since baby girl arrived. “If Easton could talk, I think she would say she probably likes dancing with me [the best],” Elisabeth reveals. “She kind of holds on to her crib and rocks out with me as I entertain her.” Her preference is definitely for rock and roll. “She likes music she can move to,” Elisabeth reveals. “I wasn’t somebody that played classical music all the time I was pregnant…I did what my doctor said to do; I was just happy. I really focused on just being happy, a lot.”

“I was one of those people that really wanted to have children. I can’t describe the feeling of when you see them when you come home. That encapsulates my experience of being a mom.”

Singling out the ability to trust herself as the best piece of parenting advice she received, Elisabeth offers up thanks to her own mother for being on hand after Easton was born. “It gave me tremendous confidence,” she explains. “I realized she had done a really great job.” As Easton recently celebrated her first birthday, Elisabeth says she’s careful not to dwell on each milestone reached and instead focuses on being “really in the moment with her.”

“I think you can spend so much time saying ‘I can’t wait until they walk, I can’t wait until they talk, I can’t wait until they do this,’ that you are not really with them right there. A child is a gift. All my friends — whether they have kids are not — are coming over more and more, just to spend time with her. She’s like all children…magical.”

Easton is Elisabeth’s daughter with Ron Wooster.

Source: US

— Missy

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