In her latest blog, Röhm catches us up on her life during the past eight months
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Look who’s back: Our celeb blogger of three years, Elisabeth Röhm!

The American Hustle and SAG award-winning actress is set to star alongside Jennifer Lawrence in the new David O’Russell film, JOY, in theaters Christmas Day.

She can be found on Facebook, Google + and on Twitter @ElisabethRohm.

In her latest blog, Röhm — mother to 7-year-old daughter Easton August — catches us up on her life during the past eight months.

Elisabeth Rohm blog

Courtesy Elisabeth Rohm

It’s been too long,! I am so happy to be back with you and have missed every minute of our talking. It has been a long eight months away from all you ladies and our highs and lows, joys, adventures, and challenges.

Blogging these past three years has been such a surprising gift in my life as a mom and I have learned so much from this open dialogue we have shared. I am really looking forward to getting right back into it with each of you, no holds barred, where we can discuss the real issues and questions we face as parents.

So much has happened, more than I could ever report in one blog post, so, in the spirit of catching up, let’s put it in a nutshell!

Elisabeth Rohm blog

Courtesy Elisabeth Rohm

Looking back to October, where we last left off, my family made one of the best decisions ever. We rescued our dog, Blue, from an L.A. shelter. Well, I should add we thought we rescued him, but he definitely rescued us.

There is no way we could ever imagine our lives without him, but, also, rescuing Blue has been a great learning opportunity for Easton: teaching her humanity as well as responsibility. We would not change it for the world! Not to mention, when I am sitting in my empty nest (which happens more and more), it is nice to have Blue as company. Easton has become quite the independent girl (as predicted).

The other big change has been going back to work full-time. Yes, there were many jobs over the years, including American Hustle, Heroes, Beauty and the Beast, Transit etc., but nothing that demanded as much time as a full-time gig on a TV show. This was definitely a harder adjustment, with a number of mommy fails in the process.

Working on Stalker with Dylan McDermott, Maggie Q and our brilliant creator Kevin Williamson was amazing. Though Easton’s schedule was hard enough to keep up with before I had full-time work, it certainly became a juggling act full of pain and triumph that I know all you working moms can relate too. From having to tell her goodnight over the phone sometimes to only being there for the last 30 minutes of trick or treating on Halloween, I know this is a struggle most families face — dads majorly included.

I would’ve loved to talk about it with you. We feel guilt for our absence, but we have to trust and know that we are making the right decisions for our families. Times like these make you grateful for those around you that help pick up the slack, what with family and the community of friends and other mommies we have come to count on.

Elisabeth Rohm blog

Courtesy Elisabeth Rohm

November came with the start of the holiday season. What I love most about the holidays are the traditions we keep as a family. Every family has their traditions and they are well worth their simplicity and accountability.

Whether it’s saying one thing you’re grateful for at the Thanksgiving dinner table, seeing your child get closer to their aunts and uncles or eating in the same restaurant, sitting at the same table, every Christmas Eve, or doing a “polar bear plunge” on New Year’s Day, I think it is important to maintain your traditions. They are the unique little things that really define you as a family and as a person. I know for Easton, as boring as the same old might feel, they also ground her and show her who she can count on in this complicated life.

Speaking of tradition, for the first time, the question of Santa’s existence was raised. In the Röhm household, we would like to believe that Santa’s existence would never be doubted, however you cannot control what your child hears. Whether it’s at school with older friends who no longer believe or older siblings, the question will come again.

Elisabeth Rohm blog

Courtesy Elisabeth Rohm

So, how do we protect our children’s innocence, How do we keep the magic? The innocence. That’s been a big one on our plates this year as our precocious Easton has matured and gravitated to the older girls and athletic boys. AI YI YI!!!

Speaking of magic, the tooth fairy started visiting Easton this year! We were stressed because her grownup teeth started growing before the lil’ ones fell out, like the two rows of shark’s teeth. There was emotion and questions and questions and embarrassment. Many dental visits later, finally Easton has started losing teeth like crazy, it seems!! One wiggled itself out, and then they all seemed ready to jump ship.

I have to say, though, it was fun creating new memories for my little girl. She was relieved and the tooth fairy was ready for action! Thank God no more tears, only success in her gaping beautiful mouth! Being different can hurt like hell.

Elisabeth Rohm blog

Courtesy Elisabeth Rohm

At the beginning of the New Year, I was headed to Boston to start filming Joy. Easton was able to come visit me in one of our favorite cities (we shot American Hustle there). My little California girl definitely loves her sunshine, but it was an amazing opportunity for her to experience a real winter for the first time. Snowy MAGIC! SNOWFLAKES! And it just so happened to be the snowiest winter in New England’s recorded history, right New Englanders?

It was a struggle for most, but not for Easton. Climbing up mounds of snow, ice skating, snow angels — she loved it all.

The best thing about Boston though, was finding the learning opportunities for Easton everywhere. So much history! We even did the Freedom Trail! How do we parents find authentic learning experiences for your little ones that excite them?

Elisabeth Rohm blog

Courtesy Elisabeth Rohm

I was able to come back from Boston just in time for Easton’s birthday, which is shortly followed by my birthday. April is a big month for us. Easton turned 7 and I turned 42. We celebrated by driving down to Disneyland (Easton, myself, and three of her best friends). Talk about taking on a handful.

Are you guys like me, in the sense that you say that you are going to do something, and not realize, until you’re on the highway with four little girls throwing wet soggy banana peels in your shiny Prius, that you may have taken on a bit too much? Luckily, Easton’s dad joined us the next day to help manage the troops.

However, the sleepover was a one-man show and I, having survived, will never forget how lucky I was to have that night alone with the four sweet little girls before our FIRST EVER Disneyland experience. She loved it! I loved it!!!

Now, do we all remember that show called Are You Smarter Than a 5th grader? I have learned that I am as smart as my first grader, but wondering if I’ll survive my second grader this September. Embarrassing, right? No, reality!! I think I might need to hit the books myself this summer if I plan on keeping up with her.

Again, this is only first grade! And for us, homework after dinner was a first. Not daunted by much, but still I struggled and won’t lie about it. Can anyone provide me with the Cliff Notes for second grade?

Elisabeth Rohm blog

Courtesy Elisabeth Rohm

Easton has also started all new activities this year. We have been focusing on horseback riding, tennis, and music. Watching your child develop any skill can be really exciting as a parent and suddenly you can see the future of possibility, but at the same time, you don’t want to overwhelm them with the pressure of success.

When they show serious promise at one thing in particular — with Easton it’s tennis — how far is too far? How much focus and discipline is too much and does it take away the joy of new experiences? We struggle with this to date.

How do you find that balance between fun and focus? She’s so darn good at it, says her coach?!!! Isn’t balance more important? Though I would say doing one thing all the time is what makes us great. What do you think?

Elisabeth Rohm blog

Courtesy Elisabeth Rohm

There are so many more stories and questions I have for you, We missed out on a lot with each other over these last eight months.

But let’s get back in action, get to the heart of the matter and face our biggest fears and triumphs as parents together. Writing this blog has made things very real and honest. I have missed that dialogue together. People don’t often say IT as it is as we do here!

I look forward to your feedback because this is truly an open blog, as you all know. Please leave in the comments your thoughts, your questions and your ideas for new discussions. I’ve learned from you it’s all about starting the conversation and seeing where things go from there.

I say welcome back to YOU!

Until next time,

— Elisabeth Röhm

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