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Updated August 21, 2008 12:00 PM

Traveling on an airplane with a baby is hardly ever a walk in the park, but actress Elisabeth Röhm has learned a few tricks that make the journey a little easier. "I was told to breastfeed upon departure and arrival because [that’s] when theirears are popping, so it’s nice that they’re distracted," the new mom explains. "That’s what Idid, and it worked.”

Four-month-old daughter Easton August was so "fantastic" on a plane ride that she took when she was two months old that "people were thanking me when the planes landed because she didn’t cry." Not that Easton cries much anyhow — Elisabeth shared that her daughter "laughs all the time and she’s very expressive."

Now that Easton has taken over Elisabeth and fiancé Ron Wooster‘s life, some things have to play second fiddle, including the 35-year-old’s golden retriever Homer. Elisabeth rescued Homer from a shelter, but admits that "really he rescued me when I found him" because of the great friendship he has shown her. Elisabeth tries her hardest to spend quality time with Homer and reveals that he has adjusted well to welcoming Easton. "I keep calling him a saint because having a new baby, he has been demoted from kingdom," Elisabeth explains. "He is now second place to the baby."

Elisabeth and Ron plan to marry in October, where both Easton and Homer will play a part in the nuptials.

Source: OK! Magazine; Photo by Bauer Griffin.

What are your tricks for traveling with baby?