A vocal proponent of the Republican Party, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, 31, was recently rewarded for her support with a trip to the White House during the closing days of President George W. Bush‘s administration. Although Barbara Walters, her co-host at The View, suggested she make the trip solo, Elisabeth felt strongly that her two children with husband Tim HasselbeckGrace Elisabeth, turning 4 next month, and Taylor Thomas, 16-months — should attend.

Disaster struck when Taylor made a “big, smelly, poopy diaper” as the family of four were notified that their meeting with the president was just three minutes away, however. “I’m trying to find a bathroom to change him in because there are no changing tables in the Oval Office,” she explains. “So I’m on the floor changing him in this fancy bathroom.” Things were about to go from bad to worse! Recalls Elisabeth,

Apparently unfazed by the odor, President Bush was “incredibly gracious” with the kids, Elisabeth added.

As she awaits the birth of her third child, Elisabeth joked that she’s “really competitive” and planning to “give Octomom a run for her money.” The manner in which she revealed the pregnancy — telling audience members she was “knocked up” — is something Elisabeth does say she regrets, however. “I get a little bit awkward with those announcements,” she admits.”I’d rather just not announce it and show up with the kid.”