Elisabeth Hasselbeck Talks Body and Baby

To shed pregnancy pounds, the View host says it's "lots of hard work"

Photo: Lawrence Lucier/FilmMagic

Sounds like The View‘s Elisabeth Hasselbeck has a budding linguist on her hands.

Her son Taylor Thomas, born just three months ago, “loves words that begin with the letter B,” Hasselbeck told PEOPLE Tuesday at J.C. Penney’s launch of the American Living clothing line. “I can’t come up with any more. I’m looking through the dictionary just to come up with new ‘B’ words. I’m like bubble, buffalo, bulldozer, bumble bee!”

The talk show host arrived at the N.Y.C. event with her husband, Arizona Cardinals quarterback Tim Hasselbeck – and showed no sign of the baby weight.

“I’ve been working out like a crazy women!” she admitted. “Lots of hard work. I’m trying.”

Hasselbeck – who also has her hands full with their 2-year-old daughter, Grace – said she never tires of the strenuous workouts. “That’s my vacation,” she explained. “Are you kidding? That’s the only time I get to myself. [My personal trainer] is like, you get to run six miles today. And I’m like, thank you!”

So does that mean there’s drama on the homefront – perhaps, say, a bad case of sibling rivalry? Nah. “They get along. The first person she wants to see in the morning is him,” Hasselbeck said. “I will be holding his head up and he’s looking around admiring his big sister. Hopefully one day he can return the favor of all the headbutts she’s giving him.”

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