Elisabeth Hasselbeck: Not Paying Attention to Pregnancy

The View co-host says she's so busy she's "lucky to have a prenatal pill by the end of day"

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The third time may be a charm, but for Elisabeth Hasselbeck being pregnant with baby No. 3 is a whole different experience than her first pregnancy.

Hasselbeck, who is due to give birth to her third child with husband Tim in August, says that while she cares for daughter Grace, 4, and son Taylor Thomas, 1, she’s not focused on her baby bump.

“I’m definitely not paying attention to my pregnancy,” Hasselbeck confessed to PEOPLE at the Lilly Pulitzer launch of A Color Cause Thursday in New York City to benefit children with Epidermolysis Bullosa, a rare skin disease. “That won’t be true for the child [when it arrives]. But now, when you have two kids running around you’re not the pregnant person you were before.”

Unlike her first pregnancy, The View co-host, 31, says people aren’t quick to be at her beck and call now.

“For the first pregnancy, you’re a pregnant goddess and everyone is running around giving you water,” she said. “But the third time around, you’re just lucky to have a prenatal pill by the end of day!”

Water and vitamins aside, Hasselbeck believes Grace and Taylor Thomas are ready for another sibling and making sure the two have time to bond before the baby comes.

“I’m just letting them really enjoy this time as brother and sister,” says Hasselbeck. “Then I’ll throw in the word baby once in awhile to remind them.”

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