Elisabeth Hasselbeck Has Her Baby Bases Covered

Two kids later and a third on the way in August, Elisabeth Hasselbeck and her husband Tim have their bases covered. With no plans to rush the department stores to stock up on the latest baby gadgets, The View co-host shares that, other than a few necessities, the couple are already set for their pending arrival. “We’re not doing anything to prepare,” she reveals. “Just going to go and buy some diapers in August.”

Preparing them for the big day, Elisabeth takes time out to explain to her kids that there is a baby growing inside her belly. While 3 ½-year-old Grace Elisabeth seems receptive to the idea of the new baby and is “very excited about it,” 16-month-old Taylor Thomas is a bit wary of situation. Despite showing interest by carrying around a baby doll, Elisabeth laughs that Taylor can’t possibly imagine what is to come!

“I think he knows what’s up. Still, when this happens, his world is going to be shocked and rocked.”

Source: Us Weekly

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