Elisabeth Hasselbeck Contemplates Her Baby's Navel

The new mom and new blogger speaks out about little Taylor, born Nov. 9

Photo: Lawrence Lucier/FilmMagic

The View‘s Elisabeth Hasselbeck says she is “turning a corner physically” after giving birth Nov. 9 to son Taylor, her second child with quarterback-husband Tim Hasselbeck.

In a blog post on her Dreft.com baby diary (titled “Wanted: SLEEP”), Hasselbeck, 30, also offers some intimate details on baby belly buttons. She says 2-year-old daughter Grace has been wondering why Taylor’s belly button looks like it does since he came home, being especially curious about the cord. “I told her that it was a belly button cord, and that soon it would fall off, then it would look just like hers.”

Then a few days ago, it did actually fall off, but they couldn’t find it. Later that night, “Grace yelled-‘THERE IT IS!!’ I had no idea what she was talking about until I looked over. Sure enough, right there on the floor- was the cord. Oddly, it was both cute and gross at the same time. I was caught somewhere between wanting to save it and wanting to vacuum it!”
–Karen Salkin

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