Elisabeth Hasselbeck: Baby Rocks My World

"This is the first time I've brushed my teeth in two months," the busy mom tells PEOPLE

Photo: Gary Gershoff/WireImage

Fresh from introducing her new baby – 2-month-old Taylor Thomas – on Monday’s The View, Elisabeth Hasselbeck sat down with PEOPLE backstage at her ABC show.

The TV host, 30, and her footballer husband, Tim Hasselbeck, also have another child, Grace, 2.

So, second child: more or less overwhelming than expected?
When they say it rocks your world? It rocks your world, having a second. What is going on!? When does this stop?! … This is the first time I’ve brushed my teeth in two months, it was special for today. And I’m constantly trying to balance out everybody’s needs. Was I a little bit of a wife today? Sure. ‘Here’s a cracker, Tim. I’m your wife.’ ‘Grace, do you want Goldfish for dinner? Okay, I feel bad, ’cause I m paying a lot of attention to Taylor, so Goldfish it is!’ I feel like I’m constantly trying to be the great equalizer in the home. But I love it! I wouldn’t want to be anything else, and wouldn’t want anyone else doing it for me.

Do you see a big difference, boy vs. girl?
I don’t know if it’s because he’s a boy, or because it’s [my] second child, but I kind of let him sit up a little more on his own. He seems a little more sturdy. I’ll go, ‘Look at that chest. He’s strong!’ I’m not super-sterilizing everything like I was with Grace. [When she was born] people would walk in and I d have them put booties on.

Is Tim happy to have a boy at home?
He loves having a boy. There is a difference. But I feel like Taylor’s mine. Grace is his, and Taylor’s mine – forever.

Are you feeling back in shape?
I’ll get there. I’m a little frustrated because I have a little injury in my back, something’s bothering me, and I can’t run – and we’ve had really nice weather the last couple of days, and every time I see someone running I get angry at them because I can’t. But I’ll get there.

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